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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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Please don't have DLC extras or any standalone content. Keep the expansions nice and tidy. Instead of having something like; vanilla, oa, baf,pmc, co, acr. Instead, vanilla, xpac1,xpac2.(dependant). And not so many, give us the content in bulk. Even if they're few & far between. On the contraire, decrease official game update intervals aswell. Instead of a ginormous list of fixes, once you have quite a few things fixed, release a small update, each time. Every month or so. That way, there's a good balance between content & updates being generated. Instead of waiting months for an official update, and instead of dividing the community even further by all of these standalone & DLC. The atrocious amount of mods, & variants of mods floating around already does a great job of that :)

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I think BIS should focus on multi player game modes from the release of the game. As in domination, insurgency and other game modes should be built in. Somewhat like other multi player games like battlefield for instance. I think it would be key in keeping the community together. Currently people who just want to play a few causal games have to download different mods and each server has different rules. I don't want to download ace and acre and all this other stuff. I just want to click a server and get in a game whether it be co-op or deathmatch.

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Please add more Outfits & Como & Armor for Iranian soldiers, as there are many Iranians who like to play this game as Iranian!

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Modules to put on vehicles in editor like tanks just like you put modules on weapons or changing uniforms.

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I found something that could be useful, in forums (thanks to Ezcoo):

Please record many versions of numbers/words (start - in middle of - end of series and do the same with different moods, like "scared", "calm/whispered", "wounded", "Shouting" etc.). Relatively small work but increases the immersion greatly, when the bots reciting numbers/words don't sound like machine voice.

---------- Post added at 22:31 ---------- Previous post was at 22:12 ----------

And also add some RANDOM parts for orders, for example:

-using o'clock - directions(north etc.)

-using names, numbers, infantry degrees


---------- Post added at 22:39 ---------- Previous post was at 22:31 ----------

Please let players have their OWN names in EVERY part of game(like multiplayer etc.)

---------- Post added at 22:43 ---------- Previous post was at 22:39 ----------

Please record MANY MANY surnames, nicknames, ranks and special cases.

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- Each unit should have advanced options or multiplayer options maybe

Inside that options thing there will be ability to respawn and it will be structured like this -

*1. Checkbox "Unit will be respawned after death TRUE/FALSE" or "Respawn unit ON/OFF"

If this will be TRUE/ON then a lots of configurable stuff will be showed like:

**2. Textbox "Respawn Timer (In seconds)"

If unit die, it will respawn after # seconds depending on how much was entered.

**3. ItemBox "Gear after respawn"

Options in ItemBox will be -

1) Default (Will give you same things you had on mission start)

2) Nothing (Will respawn with empty gear slot)

3) Basic (Will give you just compass,watch,map and other stuff like this)

4) Before death (Will give you same things you had just before you died)

5) Custom (Will respawn you with new stuff you customise and set in editor)

**4. Checkbox "Hide body TRUE/FALSE"

As soon as death unit respawn, the old death body disappears

**5. ItemBox "Status"

Here you will be able to set things like ammo,health...

**6. ItemBox "Respawn Location"

Here you will be able to set location where you will respawn - it can be place where you died lastly, spawn point (which could be set in editor, too), some custom location you set in editor.

And also a lots of more stuff in advanced settings like Gear editor for customising unit's gear (including clothes)

Also lots more stuff that is only available through scripts should be GUI-configurable so even n00bs like me can use all functionality of editor.

One more thing to mention that could be done is Weapon Editor.

You will be able to completely modify each weapon - It's damage,accuracy,range,zeroing,mountable optics,rate of fire,magazines.......

(Modifying weapon will only affect current mission and will save into mission data)

If BIS could include this in ARMAIII It will really makes things much easier. I could pay for this and buy this as "Advaned Editor Functionality DLC" if this would include this or 3D editor.



Magazine+weapon should not be one model. Magazine should be separated from weapon. If you make the weapon be separated model from the magazine you might be able to do this:

Different Magazines will look different on the same weapon. You may not understand what I mean so there is crazy nonsense example, but because ARMA3 will happen in future there will be some experimentals - This is total bulls*it but for example you take AK magazine and put it into M4. The weapon now should look like that - M4 Weapon+wooden magazine. If you edit some things and do that in A2 you get M4+Stanag look because model of weapon is sticked with magazine model so no matter what magazine you put into weapon it will still look same. I want to change that. If you still don't understand I can make more examples.

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If anyone has tried Australians At War mod for A2 then, it'd be cool to have that feature with the ability to open the door on a vehicle, and walk inside without selecting "get in back" or something. On Arma 2, you fly out and die, but it'd be cool if you were able to stay in on Arma 3. Doesn't have to be on every single vehicle, just on some APCs and armored vehicles and stuff like that.

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Game engine

* Replace the excellent and old generation Vorbis (OGG) sound codec with the much better & recent, new generation open codec, Opus (Can't post link because it's my first Post? Pointless).

* Use Opus for VoIP (Voice Communication) for ingame (As it is now being implemented by major VoIP productions for having the most realtime+best quality and being the only Multi-purpose Codec doing incredible job in all departments while being Open Source and an official replacement for Speex and Vorbis).

Here is a brief introduction from the official web page:

Opus Interactive Audio Codec


Opus is a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec. Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet, but is also intended for storage and streaming applications. It is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFC 6716 which incorporated technology from Skype's SILK codec and Xiph.Org's CELT codec.


Opus can handle a wide range of audio applications, including Voice over IP, videoconferencing, in-game chat, and even remote live music performances. It can scale from low bit-rate narrowband speech to very high quality stereo music. Supported features are:

Bit-rates from 6 kb/s to 510 kb/s

Sampling rates from 8 kHz (narrowband) to 48 kHz (fullband)

Frame sizes from 2.5 ms to 60 ms

Support for both constant bit-rate (CBR) and variable bit-rate (VBR)

Audio bandwidth from narrowband to fullband

Support for speech and music

Support for mono and stereo

Support for up to 255 channels (multistream frames)

Dynamically adjustable bitrate, audio bandwidth, and frame size

Good loss robustness and packet loss concealment (PLC)

Floating point and fixed-point implementation

You can read the full specification, including the reference implementation, in RFC 6716. An up-to-date implementation of the Opus standard is also available from the downloads page.

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I know vehicles have always been on the sidelines for Arma games but the more we see of A3 the more we see them being polished with things such as phsyX based suspension and caterpillar tracks ,driver hands actually turning with the steering wheel and light bending exhaust. While these changes in polish are a VERY welcome sight, there is still is the problem of sound.

For one the engine is based on how much speed the vehicle has rather than how much power it is putting out, likewise the lack of audio from the impact on surroundings. For example when a wheel hits the ground with a heavy amount of force there is no audio feedback to indicate the power of the wheel smashing into the ground and as such it doesn't 'seem' as though there was much of an impact at all despite the head motion. For a real world example

It removes the sense of how rugged the terrain can be if really bumpy as well as the weight of the vehicle since you never hear its weight. Imagine you're speeding along a dirt road and come across a mound, gunning full speed you jump over and smash on the ground. Even if the front of the vehicle with physX suspension lurches forward upon impact, a dull thunk or no sound still doesn't convene just how hard you actually hit the ground.

This could double for any vehicle really, tanks, even jets landing. When you land softly in a helicopter there is no sound, when you land hard all you hear is an alarm and possibly see broken glass, there is no loud impact to say you just smashed yourself into the ground, in fact upon landing the only cue you have is the broken glass.

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Hey, I don't know if you heard about weapons there has a camera attachment, and the ability to bend.

This would be really useful for players there like a realistic feeling in games(me ;)), and not use thirdperson to sneak peak corners.

Take a look at these pictures if you never heard about this weird weapon.

Model: http://www.geekologie.com/2007/12/21/corner-gun.jpg

In action: http://images.gizmag.com/hero/2576_02.jpg

Sounds cool?

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Since I was told to use this sticky, and had my thread closed, I'll post it here. Trouble is, I would love a discussion on it and further input, but I don't want anybody to get infractions for discussing it. I don't know what to do in this case, cause it seems to be a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of thing, but here goes:

Realistic TADS (and other stuff)

Hey guys. I'm around now after a trip to the Stan and some life drama crap.

Forgive me if something in this direction was already suggested or requested or asked about.

Well, now that we will have that render to texture feature, do you think we would be able to have an ACTUAL Apache TADS in the game? What I mean is, since I watched a video (I think it was something for the Mando missile fired from an Apache) I noticed that about half the screen was taken up with a ring, that I can only assume was supposed to represent the monocle from the Apache pilot's helmet.

Well now, with render to texture, we could get the IR video feed from the TADS module on the nose of the aircraft through that module. Also, in the real Apache, the 30mm gun is slaved to that TADS and the PILOT shoots it, not the gunner. The gunner is primarily used for the other weapons systems like the Hellfires (and in the Block III D model Apache, will be also responsible with directing UAVs, but Im getting ahead of myself). This would make the Apache, or other systems in the game, a much more faithful representation. It also would make wicked use of Track IR, and make a nearly perfect rendition of flying.

I dunno, maybe you guys think I'm off base with this. It would just mean that in Arma 3 we can get rid of the unrealistic display in the top left corner, and use much closer to real-world systems.

If this seems to be task saturation on the pilot... it kinda is. Those guys have their hands full. And it even requires them to use their left eye for flying the aircraft ie looking around outside and inside the cockpit, while their right eye gets a totally different display from a sensor mounted way forward and outside of the aircraft.

This is why (no BS) long-time Apache pilots can focus their eyes on two separate things at once, out in their daily lives, and its a really disturbing effect. We obviously won't be getting that, since its a display that we can use both eyes to look at, but still.

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See the first post and you understand the meaning of this "no discussion sticky". The discussion takes place elsewhere.

Next time if something is not clear just contact a moderator over PM instead of commenting about the directions given in public!

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Hope I am posting in the right area lol (Not seen it on the wish list, nor heard of it being said), but what about adding inverted control for flying, because on Arma 2 there was an inverted option (of course) but it was only in use for the entire game and not 2 separate mouse control actions.

I really miss inverted control for shoot ups when it comes to flying, so hopefully this hasn't been suggested already, or it isn't already implemented (If it has then I apologise).

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what i would like to see in arma 3 is

More Customization

Face paint etc

Customizing outfits or weapons

Customizing own scope interface (red dot sight)

More animals

Agressive animals like lions that attack you or sharks unerwater


Things like water that rises higher at some points of the day,

Maybe storms that will affect bullet travelling (also add windmeters)

Radiation areas (radiation suits)

Fixing grass that blocks your view while prone

Personal stuff & animations

People that are sweating in hot climates,

Plindness by lights or lasers (also add lasers that are visible at daylight)

More body animations (like the sitting or surrender in arma 2)

Fun stuff/weird stuff

arma is an great game and playing it tactical and serious is its main purpose but maybe some fun stuff or onrealistic stuff is also nice,

things like alien ships or guns, just for a little bit fun, sure this should be turned off in most games.

Water pistol


Electrical weapons like stun guns

Chemical weapons: gas bombs, gas grenades, hazmat suits, gas masks, deadly gasses

Melee weapons: Police sticks, knifes

Thermonucleair warfare

Some kind of protorype laser weapon or rail gun

Electric rifles: weapons that need power to fire bullets, they dont have much recoil and dont make much sound (stun guns but real rifles that use power instead of gunpowder)


Fire truck (with an water cannon that works)

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This is important. It'd make ArmA3 instantly better than ArmA2, not by adding some new feature, but by fixing an erroneous gameplay mechanic - AI leading. The ArmA series aims to be a realistic simulator whose core focus is infantry gameplay. Well, the current gameplay mechanic of leading subordinates is just wrong. Period. So it's important because this is something they need to get right.

ArmA3 should follow proper military unit structure, with more ranks to facilitate this. AI commanders and leaders should manage their subordinate leaders. Players who have an AI commander/leader should be able to command their subordinate leaders. Players/AI should ONLY be able to command the leaders under them, not the subordinates of those leaders.

Just having private, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel, general doesn't cut it. You need: Private (basic rifleman), Corporal (for your specialized roles, like grenadier or automatic rifleman or sniper), Sergeant (team leader), Staff Sergeant or Sergeant First Class (squad leader), Master Sergeant (Special Forces team leader), Lieutenant (platoon leader), Captain (company commander), Major, Lieutenant Colonel (battalion commander), Colonel (brigade commander), Major General (division commander), Lieutenant General (corps commander), General (Field Army).

Note: These is the US Army Operational Unit Structure; ArmA3 features the US Army, specifically 7th Special Forces Group, as the primary playable faction. I'm sure Iran has a comparable military unit structure.

You shouldn't have to micro-manage all of the soldiers (in this case, AI or players) under your command. The General (of the Field Army) manages his 2-5 Corps Commanders. The Corps Commander manages his 2-5 Division Commanders. The Division Commander manages his 3 Brigade Commanders. The Brigade Commander manages his 3+ Battalion Commanders. The Battalion Commander manages his 3-5 Company Commanders. The Company Commander manages his 3-4 Platoon Leaders. The Platoon Leader manages his 3-4 Squad Leaders. The Squad Leader manages his 2 Team Leaders. The Team Leader manages his 3 soldiers. EVERYONE manages between 1 and 5 individuals (once again, in this case AI). No more than that. IF a squad leader goes down, the A Team Leader assumes the position of Squad Leader, while one of the Corporals assumes the position of squad leader. And so on and so on. This takes away the chore of having to micro-manage a whole lot of AI, but still allows you to lead some AI while also accounting for situations where you leaders are killed.

These shouldn't be something that is expected with an addon or mod. This should be vanilla content, without the need for a module, in ArmA3. It really should have been vanilla content in ArmA2 (USMC has a similar unit structure).

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+ New Stealth Stance (While in Prone): Keep head between two hands, keep the body as close as possible to the ground (and do not let the player aim at this stance at all).

to the game.

Almost similar stance (hand covering your neck and throat, legs across and pushed against each other) could also work as protective stance under artillery and mortar fire (like it does IRL), maybe it could done easily by e.g. multiplying the damage factor of those by e.g. 0.7 if player was using that stance when he got hit.

Please, add proper "killed" eventhandler, that recognizes the factor that killed the target much more reliably and accurately than the current one. Every single popular mission suffers considerably from the lack of proper eventhandler, especially the public ones: DayZ, Wasteland, RP missions and Domination to mention some, so it's significant issue. To mention some issues: 1. one can kill somebody anonymously by switching to another seat than driver seat just before hitting the target, 2. the driver of vehicle will get the teamkills if gunner or commander shoots friendlies, 3. it doesn't recognize respawn. The least that should be done would be to offer more detailed information, so that the mission/mod creators could use them to make custom scripts to their needs.

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Dynamic adding as background to the each sent radio message all really audible at the moment on sender's position sounds, if loud enough, as would be in real (shots, vehicles, shouts, enviromental...).

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As addition to my suggestions about a few things, id like to add a little idea. (I dont want any kind of unlocks, pre-set classes or anything like that)

How about we can build our own character, like body armour, camo/clothes, gear and all of that.

Would be real good if we could choose our own pouches and all, so we could trade out reloading speed, for more magazines held.

Or a quicker pistol draw.

That would be really sweet, just switching to a pistol in a second and shoot somebody.

But yes, customizing our gear would be really great. :D

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Vehicles need to have more weight to them. No more bouncing vehicles.

Example: Put them on a platform, move the platform, bouncy!

They also need to stop being destroyed from a bump. The wheels get damaged so easily, even when nothing touches the wheels.

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