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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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err, just to clarify

dear bis, please add/keep these 4 options in difficulty. expert flight model is very comfortable, also being able to configure it will be great for new and experienced players, instead of only one simple flight model. Afterall, this is probably one of the most exciting features for arma. i enjoyed toh alot, but being able to fly heli on expert flight model and transport troops in multiplayer military mission will be just AWESOME.

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/24204278/user%20pics/TakeOnH%202012-08-22%2015-35-38-13.png (197 kB)

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3D optics, either sniper zooms or ACOGs........ please

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My suggestions:

Lighting improvements, such as light pollution from towns reflecting off the clouds at night to give that reddish hue to the sky.

Also, underwater lighting improvements. As in, the deeper you go, the darker it gets.

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Sound Environment, like can be heard with HARCP Sound Mod. Sounds reflecting of buildings/trees, in the buildings etc.

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make fog on the horizont please right like this:

and not like in arma 2 where its shining bright

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I would like to see a better hand grenade usage system for aiming and throwing. It would be nice to clear rooms with grenades and flashbangs etc. Also on dedicated server with crosshairs turned off it is difficult to use grenades effectively.

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Please hire up Josh Schwartzberg (AKA dotjosh), the man behind DayZ Commander, to create a great looking and easy to use launcher for ArmA III! His launcher has everything that many people have asked for.

It has the following:

Update Manager

Server Browser


Recent Servers

Favorite Servers

Friends List

To top it all off, it looks great! Hire him and have him create an "ArmA Commander" launcher!

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Mr MDG ARMA3 Ideas 24 August - 4 September 2012.txt

- should be able to pack backpacks into backpacks. the space the backpack takes up inside the

inventory is determined by a) size of backpack itself and b) size of items in the backpack.

- should be able to carry 2 backpacks with reduced sprint speed, reduced stamina and clumsier

aiming but better aiming stability when crouched/standing and a raised profile when prone.

i.e. 1 backback in front, 1 backback on back.

- realistic field stripping and maintenance procedures for weapons. it doesn't matter if you guys

only do this for small arms at first. just having it in the game will be awesome. realistic

consequences of improper weapon maintenance.

- crawling up/down stairs should be easy to do.

- ability to turn in small areas by pointing weapon straight up/down. ability to aim straight

up/down. character should automatically reposition weapon/gear to enable movement/turning

in the intended direction whilst maintaining an aimpoint as close to the intended one as possible.

when turning.

- in DAYZ taking higher numbers of painkillers should make your aim more stable but your

target aquisition slower. this will have to be coded in a way that it can't be counteracted

by increasing mouse sensitivity in the control options menu.

- none of this "auto-crouch" stuff. when you roll into a wall you crouch automatically and the

sniper you've spent the past hour stalking kills you. makes no sense this auto stuff.

- watches with alarms on them.

- ability to pull foliage/sand/vegetation and stick it to oneself or cover oneself with it

or make a hide from it.

- fire mode selectors for weapons. this shouldn't default when you switch/pack/unpack weapons.

it stays on what you set it on. it should be possible to set all relevant firearms/weapons to safe

via an obscure keyboard combination.

- rain doesn't get stopped by objects properly (roofs etc)

- fire should spread realistically. add fire extinguishing systems, burn treatment etc.

- no more disappearing objects.

- booby traps for dayz.

- gunfire locators - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunfire_locator

- the Israeli developed vehicle/tank protection device - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trophy_(countermeasure)

- ability for a prone character to quickly use his arm to flatten the grass in front of him

instead of having to crawl forward as in ARMA 2

- muzzle flashes need to illuminate the objects around them at night in order to provide a

realistic and executable visual signature

here is a link to a desert eagles muzzle flash at night. it is 6 foot long and illuminates

the firer and his surrounding area entirely. guns, especially sniper rifles, need to provide

a realistic visual signature if ARMA3 is to be realistic. this is a functionally critical

aspect of the game rather than an aesthetic afterthought.


REVISION: It is clear from the ARMA3 Night Ops Showcase [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFLM-z1TVuI] that muzzle flashes have been brought into ARMA3. I leave the above suggestion for the sake of completion.

- inventory system more "drag n drop" based

- Proper bullet penetration

here is a forum link of people discussing an inability to shoot through thin panes of regular

glass in ARMA2DAYZ.


I just spend an hour stalking a sniper and when i finally unloaded 25 aksu rounds into him

from 7 meters away the glass shopfront stopped every one of them.

- when the "momentum" animation kicks in you cant aim/shoot. this is illogical. the player

should be able to aim, shoot and reload/switch weapons at all times e.g. if you leftclick

to bring up your weapon whilst you have the gear menu open, the gear menu will close and your

avatar will raise his weapon accompanied by various items falling from your inventory/pack

to the floor. which items fall will be a probability based system moderated by 1 - which items

you were handling when you raised your weapon and 2 - in what order the item is packed in your


- a function for the ordering of the items in packs should be included with the

placement inside the pack affecting the time it takes to unpack said item.

- highly realistic visual and physical (with regards to breaking AND effect on ballistics) reactions of glass to bullets/projectiles would be visually and functionally stunning and IMO would be a gamechanger.

- proned rolling with binoculars

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I agree with the blood splatter effect. I want to see a more realistic hit when you are shot. If your shot with .50 cal it would be nice to see the effect it has on the enemy when they are shot, not a small red dot of blood..... Something like CS:GO, BF3, MW combined

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This bugged me in arma 2, when you look at your watch it just shows up, would be cool to see you look down at oyur hand or something

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ok, lets start with the water :

IMO, the view in ArmA3 underwater is too clean for me + there are many missing things like this water reflection on the ground :

http://image.gamespotcdn.net/gamespot/images//2011/95/water2-cry.jpg (above water)

http://images.bit-tech.net/content_images/2007/08/crysis_hands_on_preview/crysis-water800.jpg (underwater)

this effect is missing on both above and underwater. that should be added.

Another thing about the water : these sun "flare" effects are missing


to have a realistic feeling with diving, they should be added.

third thing about the water :

the view distance is IMO too high underwater, maybe decrease the view distance underwater.

fourth thing about the water :

add real time reflection to the water, like this :



about the sunflare :

you should improve the sunflare in A3 like these :


also improve (or add when they still don´t exist) this sun-object effect :


other things they should improve :

correct collision/hitbox (in ArmA2, when you shoot at a tree and miss it very very bit, you still hit the tree and are able to see the bulletholes)

real bulletholes for every material (bulletholes that looks like bulletholes, not just a grey round circle, the appropriate bulletholes for wood, metal, glass etc..)

improve the jumping

improve the metal-hitting effect

add real dynamic effects

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copied your post for you if its to much work to do it yourself.

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One thing that i found i wanted to use alot in arma 2 was a holster and un holster animation. so if you where armed with just a hand gun you didn't always have it pointing at the ready to shoot. i know there are scripts for this but i thing it would be a nice addition to all there new animations. Also a resting position for a hand gun, like pointing it down when your running.

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- major advances in warfare visual equipment have been made in the past century including devices that help us see better at night and other devices/materials that prevent us being seen by night vision devices and thermal-based optics.

having this fieldwork element of modern warfare brought fully into the virtual snipers reach with equipment choice and intel e.t.c. would be an innovation. needless to say this could be brought

directly into your VBS product.

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This video has so many ArmA II physics fails:

Can't break glass.

Can't get past people in stairwells!

Can't move and heal (Kind of a DayZ fail, but there's no mod that allows it as of yet)

Falling off of things (Arguably realistic, but it just looks horrible. Besides, you should be able to drop off a low roof, even in full gear)

I'll put in video times if you guys want.

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@shephart: Not a single link in your post worked. Use the URL button to avoid having them be truncated by the forum software.

To make post good :)

Cross access support for sounds (and graphics for that matter): From mission or addon scope, allow us to access a sound defined as one class system (i.e. cfgSFX) to be used as another class system (i.e. cfgSounds), also without requiring more (sound) memory to do it - resource space should be shared.

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I asked a friend of mine to come up with a simple gun jamming thingy. Idk.

The idea of this is just dirt based, basically, however what I could also imagine would be an ammo+dirt based system with different types of ammo, each affecting the jamming rates. A lot of jamming isn´t related to dirt buildup, but also to bad ammo/magazines or even user error.

Add a SPORTS animation for different gun systems (AR platform, AK, Pistol, Bolt action, belt fed MG) and voilá.

Gun jamming is supremely important and would add another layer of depth to infantry combat. If at all feasible, it´d be wonderful if it could be implemented.

Thanks to Eliza from the Wyvrncity channul who took two minutes to type this out for me.

class Gun:
 gun_dirt_amount = 0     # a flat increase to jamming chance
 ammo_buildup = 0        # the more you shoot, the greater the chance of jamming.
 native_jamming = 0      # the chance of a perfectly fine gun jamming
 jamming_threshhold = 1  # when the gun actually jams
 ammo_buildup_weight = 0 # how important the amount of fired bullets is for jamming
 gun_jammed = False      # whether the gun is currently jammed

 def __init__(native_jamming, gun_dirt_amount=0, ammo_buildup=0, jamming_threshhold=1, gun_jammed=False):
   self.native_jamming = native_jamming
   self.gun_dirt_amount = gun_dirt_amount
   self.ammo_buildup = ammo_buildup
   self.jamming_threshhold = jamming_threshhold
   self.gun_jammed = gun_jammed

 def fire():
   if not isJammed():
       self.ammo_buildup += 1
   # Do whatever is necessary while firing. Gun heat, etc.

 def isJammed():
   jam_score = random.rand(0, 1) + gun_dirt_amount * (ammo_buildup * ammo_buildup_weight)
   if jam_score > self.jamming_threshhold:
     self.gun_jammed = True
   return self.gun_jammed

 def unjam():
   self.gun_jammed = False
   self.ammo_buildup = 0

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The editor needs a drop down menu to assign squad IE: "1-1-A", and an easier way to make units playable!

In the editor, I'm making a 150+ player mission. Two things I hate the most about the editor is that I have to, in order to have say first platoon above 2 platoon in the slotting lobby, is 1.) place the units in order*this bothers me because I copy paste* 2.) The second thing I hate is that I have to make EVERY UNIT PLAYABLE ONE BY ONE. It's a real bother guys; please fix these things.

Edit: Adding a little flash so it's not missed.

Edited by jubxxxjub

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I´m a bit reluctant about posting in this thread as I get the impression a lot of posts will just go unnoticed, but here I go:

Could you try to make the RV4 engine compatible with the Hyperformance mode found in the Lucid MVP Virtu software?

This would enable the use of the integrated GPU found in recent cpus in conjunction with the dedicated one I´m pretty sure everyone here has. The performance improvements are big (based on no extended research,so please correct me if I´m talking non-sense), so such an engine could indeed benefit from the extra horsepower that would otherwise go wasted.

Just give it a thought or even better... maybe an answer? :rolleyes:

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I'd like to see more prototype / fictive guns, or guns used today, but modified to look more modern, maybe adapted to use the new ammo introduced in A3.

FN2000 and M14 EBR (or whatever variant it was in A3) and the Tavor sure are nice guns, but I somehow doubt (but I can't know now can I?) they'd be used

by NATO armies in 2030 or so.

Go to the pimpmygun application bang and go nuts. I think its a great game to help

designers design futuristic guns that do not exist, or modify existing guns. Sort of afraid to say this, but I think crysis 1 had it right.

Marines in it had nice fictive futuristic gear, VTOLs were in large use (Heavy lift VTOLs, combat variants and such), and I think ArmA could use something like that

if its gonna portray future. I'm not saying we have to go nuts and copy everything from crysis, but BIS should use their creative freedom they have given themselves.

Instead of copying the Osprey and Merlin from ArmA 2, they could take them, modicy them, maybe add jet engines to Osprey and make it bit more blocky to give it that

stereotypical stealth look of F117.

Also, around the time Osama was killed, there were rumors of Stealth version of the blackhawk or such shit, XH60 or something. I think this'd be a great rumor

for BIS to exploit.

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Visible + working damage/destruction for things like binocular, radio, NVG, FLIR, box/crates, backpacks, static weapon, searchlights and some destruction/damage for roads, runways, wooden planks (boat bridge). Some different sized explosion and bomb crater would be nice too.... :)

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Something for the editor that allows terrain editing like making roads, using a brush or so.. maybe a module for ingame :)

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