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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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When you place many charges and you want to explode them one by one you can't choose the order of the explosion. Please separate them on the scroll menu.

Increase also the set off distance for player and AI please.

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Simple request:

Barrett MRAD Rifle system


It seems to perfectly fit into the setting and looks absolutely stunning!

It also meets the requirement of being modular as this concept is one of the main features of Arma 3.

The MRAD could fill the gap between the GM6 Lynx (heavy anti-materiel rifle) and the Mk14 EBR (DM and CQB) as the replacement of the standard sniper rifle M24.

Simple Rugged Modular Accurate

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Things of the Single Player: Look Even if you have to do a delay in play

Please ... I ask for all the player does not make ridiculous story ... me

I love the excuse ArmA and ArmA 2, ArmA Plus the story has never had a good

mainly a soundtrack that matches the maps, I bet that guys

at least you take a peek at the ideas that each player in each country has

to give ... surely you with the engine you have and their potential

could make the best game of all time. I know her think of the Union

Soviet war in iraq is having on the ... I know you will have a

wonderful idea.

Other things I've seen here in the forum:

SPS RG35-Vehicle Patrol



(Can be very useful in

a mission in which the helicopter can not get close)

Please input the USMC in the Game and do not put clothes futuristic ... I

I love the clothes they wear USMC Battlefield 3 in love all over but clear

.. put special forces and they will wear different USMC.

Improve AI

Put a Good and Faithful Editor.

Soundtrack that matches what is happening.

Even if you take longer to create the game put in a good story

single player.

Please would love to wear a bomb to disarm Anti pumps in iraq

Put EOD Robots are also possible.

Ideas Weapons: Weapons Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, American, Iraqi, All

possible types, the same with attachements

Also like to see a nuclear war, Gas Masks, and radiation

Thank you. Good Luck.

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More WIshes:

Extreme Complex Medic System

Extreme Complex IED Defusing System

Abseiling (From Rocks, Cliffs, Houses)

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What did you think about weapon modification on the fly ?

Arma 3 gameplay will be bad for weapon if we need to scroll 20 time for put silencer... + if each time player need to stop and crouch like we see arma3 video.

A system like that ( a bit more real ) can be very good & smooth for the gameplay


+ little animation ( put silencer, changing mag... ) like this video

I think, for a 2012 game, dont stay with an old system. Why keep the gameplay barrier ?

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ok here is a thing that has been in my mind for quite a long time now:

Since it's a core feature of the single player campaign that every decision the player makes has impact on the further outcome of the storyline and it will be a fairly long one in addition to that, I think it's also important to cover the aspect of "quick fun" aswell. (Which might be very attractive to new Players) Trying different tactics, approaches on a mission objective without worrying about results going beyond the specific objective.

Scenarios have always been the best way of delievering exactly that. My wish would be a focus on those Scenarios. Be it Single- or Multiplayer. They could be divided into different categories describing their nature (stealth, command, vehicles) and some of them playable in Co-Op.

Short: More focus on small scenarios next to the story, with some of them being designed for Co-Op


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I think the need to drink (and eat, but is for all that a man can survive 6 weeks without food but only 3 or 5 days without water) will be a good implementation and it can add more playability for example: you're a downed pilot and you need to survive several weeks behind enemy lines. Your water don't have unlimitated capacity, what you do? :confused: :hang: this also adds more value to animals in game and make the game more realistic

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Run and shoot.

Don't you hate when you run and enemy is waiting behind the corner and there's nothing you can do until your character stops, which sometimes happens like second after?

It could be usable only in very close combat because of high spread (something like when you're suppressed).

And yes, it is possible in real life.

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What about trains that run down the tracks (If theres tracks on the island). Maybe even flat cars that can carry armor and supplys.

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I quickly read through this thread and haven't found a reference to suppression in it. If it is already here, ignore this.

So,I'd like to be able to really suppress the AI! Right now, I believe it is implemented somewhat in A2 already, but not to the point where it should be imo. More often than not, we can see AI plunking off a few very accurate shots, even though a SAW and 2 or 3 riflemen are hosing down the immediate area around the AI.

In terms of firefights, this is the one thing that would improve them considerably I think. If you play some TvT you'll notice that you don't even need some special effects to simulate this. The bullets whizzing around your head are usually enough to keep your head down and start thinking about changing position. The AI, to a degree, still seems to be somewhat unaffected by this.

Edit; Apparently I missed a discussion about suppression in another thread, so ignore this!

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Copying my idea from the "stealth kills" thread here:

Considering stealth on the whole, one thing that would be needed in the engine is a kind of "hearing threshold" for the AI. In a loud environment, for example where tank motors, generators, ambient battle or even rain is making noise, quiet sounds such as footsteps should be "drowned out", becoming less audible for the AI depending on the ambient noise level.

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Don't know if it's been already mentioned, but I'd like to see interruptable animations.

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Hi, i don't know if it has been said before, but i'll like:

- That the ground and Vegetation/Grass share the same light values.

- No MW/COD/BF bloom.

- A M1911-A1 and working night sights on it (and [all the] other guns/weapons).

- No dust cloud from vehicles if they're not on a dusty/sandy terrain.

- Good NVGs that offer the same image quality than the real ones.

- Accurate/realistic muzzle flashes for each weapon.

- Smooth Walk Aiming Down the Sights animations for booth main and side weapons.

- Vehicle interiors.

- Smooth transitions from main weapon to side weapon, putting the main one at a side or leave it hanged at the chest.

- Support vehicles like recovery vehicles and that.

- CAS, Arti, MED-EVAC and Support at a radio call (this is not the WWII).

- Visible (3Ds) damage on vehicles, loosign parts etc.

- The Marines.

- Tools like pliers, shovel, knife, clamps, blowtorch, axe, hammer, lever etc.

- Realistic (and visible) damage & penetration system.

That's what i'll wish. Let's C ya

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The only thing I would wish for to be in-game, Would be to do with the tanks and weapon feel, not sure if its just me but in Arma 2 looking down the sights of your weapons seems kinda awkward specially when trying to preform CQB and going into buildings and such, but I cant think of a way to solve that so pass that off as just my 2 cents, my Wish list would have to be

*Improved Tank Damage systems Such as where the tank is hit, and if the round penetrated the armor or hull either leaving the tank with jut a scratch or on fire, and seeing as there is now going to be better physics would it be hard to simulate ricochet on parts of the tank/vehicle that are sloped.

* 2nd Would be the Aiming of the tanks main cannon, I do know many people use a assigned button to make the tank pan right or pan left, but in other games I have seen it is alot more realistic, and easier to keep the turret a set speed, if the mouse would move a Icon somewhere on the HUD showing the direction of the main cannon then stopping your mouse movement the turret then moves to the designated point on the HUD.

Please tell me what you think of these anyone, I know few people who would love to see this in-game. :p

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- Link the walking animations to the different kind of ground surface and also to it's angle.

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Something very small, but which might be of good use: Tracer ammunition.

The reasoning is that since the ballistics are hard to grasp for new players. If you shoot, you see nothing, if you're lucky you see an impact, but that's it. With tracers, you actually see the trajectory of the bullet, making the whole mechanism much clearer to the new user.

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Speaking of tracers... I'd very much like to see tracer on every round for extremely fast guns (minigun, shilka guns etc) where realistic rates of fires may not be achieved due to engine limitations or user fps. I mean, a chopper mounted minigun is now pretty much impossible to "aim with tracers" because it doesn't produce remotely enough of them to make it a viable technique.


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Hello ... I already did 2 wishlist .. this should probably be the last if I did not

have a good idea any more .. I already did one single for now I will make


WARNING: The ideas I'll post are not mine alone so I'm doing a summary of

we've seen so far.



I do not know if it would be very useful in the game more than it would be nice .. when something

explodes near you (something hard for you to isolate the sufciente you ...

should fall on the floor. or if it is a big blast you could even fly.

Fights also be interesting for example: you're in a chase

unarmed ... you could fight the enemy trading punches and kicks.


I think the need to drink (and eat, but for all that a man can

survive six weeks without food but only 3 or 5 days without water) is a good

implementation and can add more gameplay for example: you're a downed

pilot and you need to survive several weeks behind enemy lines.

Water has no unlimitated capacity, what do you do? it also adds

more value to the game animals and make the game more realistic

Multplayer ways:

First, as I always say I think the maps you make 180 km ² +

would be great fun and real .. an urban map (such as paris, berlin, new york,

Rio de Janeiro) With many civilians on the map

More game modes would have a greater objective for example (to kill a target)

the target can be both a player and a bot.

Dedicated servers with about 128 players and if possible more.

Voip: if you do not know how to do it anymore .. would be more real than when you

die in the game and you speak for voip .. nobody to listen .. and also when

you talk voip through the game only to have a chat ... not anything like cod

you will hear everyone talk .. more so anyone near you will hear ..


The customization should depend on your faction each faction has its own type of clothing ..

and each special forces outfit also changes the example: USMC: Normal Clothes

army .. depending on the situation Pump Anti clothes.

Navy Seals: If underwater .. clothing for swimming oxygen equipment

if a forest camouflage the army .. hat vest .. etc..

I think we should have more modern weapons .. especially those launched

in recent years.

The Reload:

Well I think the reload weapons in the game should be like in the Cod and How


Probably you will say no more noob this is something to be shooting 10

bullets and give further assistance, and reload the same number of bullets that had the Mag.

More to reason .. You an M4 with 30 bullets in the mag .. 10 shots of you

... remaining 20 in the mag and you reload .. Instead you throw out the mag with 20

bullets you will save it and put another full mag .. and when i finish my

full mags you use what's with 20 bullets.

Well I think that besides the hydration friend said a few posts that u Ago

put here .. the character should be cold too. Example you are

a mountain cold as Alaska .. would probably be your persongaem

equipped with equipaments to heat it clear .. And the cold is absurd .. then

you should go for some hot lease (such as a house with a fireplace or something

) Or if possible to use cigarette lighters and a warm up or what probably

squad will do when they start to feel cold .. create a fire.

Equipment, weapons and vehicles that would like to see:


XM307: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...2cCmzovc&gl=US

Barrett 50.cal: http://art.ngfiles.com/images/34/fallensoul289_barrett-50-cal.gif

Barret Rifle MRAD. Http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-


XM8 COMPACT http://www.murdoconline.net/pics/xm8_cctest.jpg


SPS-RG35 Vehicle Patrol




: Http://defesabrasil.com/portal/images/stories/Categorias/Tecnologia/Terrestre/h



Sorry some are written in Portuguese why not think in English so I thought

in my country: (

Climbing ropes:



Ice axes: http://ishapenas.com/0000053494/Anaconda-Simond-Piolet-Cup-


and others.

Maps: I would much rather a lot of maps in cities: Berlin, Paris, Rio De

January and other modern urban places.

Maps of snow in the mountains of the desert dunes ... .. and even forests and oceans (the

ocean would probably be maps of aircraft)

Teamplay: Well, I honestly think that the teamplay Weapon 2 is not yet sufciente think poor example look at this video:

Yes it's a video of Battlefield 3 is one more thing I ever saw in any multplayer including three in the battlefield.

The two pilots acting as a team .. What is sitting in front of the guns you use e Fly the plane and the other takes care to use flares to fool missiles. and uses guided missiles etc. .. I want to see this in the game multplayer. vvai be great.

Well that's it Thanks for reading.

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It is already a massive trend today and it will play an essential role in future Warfare:

Unmanned Vehicles

There are a lot of different types of them such as:

  • UAV's
  • MAV's
  • UUV's
  • UGV's
  • etc.

Due to the fact that they play such an important role and the team expressed they also see the significance and want to rework their functionality, it would be very nice to see a new focus on this matter.

Here I present you my little concept how unmanned vehicles could be portrayed in Arma 3:

MAV - Micro Air Vehicles

Honeywell RQ-16 aka T-Hawk (Tarantula-Hawk)


The RQ-16, called XM156, is used for reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA) operations.

It is man-portable via a MOLLE unit. (Customizable gear: 2 different variants of backpacks: normal and heavy)

The RQ-16 would be carried in a heavy backpack which then becomes full for further use and is part of a RSTA kit. ( in the editor, RSTA unit for a squad)


Here is an example how it looks like in action.

The RQ-16 is equipped with a daylight and FLIR camera and has two operation modes.

  • remote control
  • autonomous

When remotelly controlled the RQ-16 can lase targets for e.g. the Commanche or the F-22 and can be controlled completely free (small VTOL unit). When being used in the autonomous mode, it looses these abilities. However the player can give it waypoints and control it's altitude and control the camera. (exactly like the current ULB unmanned little bird system)


  • RPA mode= full control and ability to do precise manoevers, target lasing
  • autonomous mode= only reconnaisance, waypoints

When actively controlling the RQ-16 the player can not move (disadvantage of RPA mode in order to balance).

A very valuable aspect of the T-Hawk that, no matter which mode it is used in, all squad members can access a RtT generated video feed of the camera displayed on a HUD (if available- becomes a part of the customizable headgear and can also display video feed of other squad member as already confirmed)

See the T-Hawk



- RQ-16 T-Hawk MAV

- reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA)

- 2 operation modes: RPA, autonomous

- man-portable via a heavy backpack (designated RSTA unit/comp. with


- limitations within the 2 modes

- lasing targets for other units

- video feed accessible on soldiers HUD

UAV - Unmanned Air Vehicles

The MQ-9 Reaper could be re-used, aswell as the ULB (same functions but the model changed to the Firescout which has the ability to attack on its own)

However the Reaper could also be replaced by the

RQ-4 Global Hawk


The Global Hawk is the follower of the Lockheed U2 and primarily used for target surveillance.

For Arma 3 it would be recommandable to change it slightly and give it the same abilities the Reaper has ( carry ordnance and attack targets)

It is controlleb via a static ground unit that is


See it


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UGV - Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Foster-Miller TALON


The TALON UGV is a small, tracked military robot designed for missions ranging from reconnaissance to combat.

It is, just like the T-hawk, "man"-portable and it's transportation should also work like that. (In a heavy MOLLE backpack)

The TALON can only be remotely controlled and not operate autonomously.

It can be equiped with various weapon systems (SWORD) such as the M249 SAW, grenade launchers or the M136.

See it




The UGCV Crusher is a unmanned ground combat vehicle. The Crusher is infamous for its aggressive mobility.

It has various control modes:

  • Wireless RC control ( via a control station - enables precise manoevering
  • Waypoints (the player can give him waypoints on the map)
  • full autonomy

The Crusher can be equiped with a modular turret


so the crusher can fulfill both, reconnaisance and combat missions.



- GAU-12


- K-44 Bushmaster II

See it in action and lern more about it :)

OPFOR units however could use the RipSaw UGCV having the same abilities as the crusher but can also be manually operated by a driver. It is extremely agile and fast

See it



- man-operatable

- Crusher

- unmanned

- primarily combat vehicle

- modular turret

- RipSaw

- very fast

- both: drivable and UGCV abilities

UUV - Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

REMUS 100 aka MK 18 MOD 1 "Swordfish"


The REMUS 100 is an a compact, light-weight autonomous underwater vehicle. In real life it is mainly used for environmental measurement. In Arma 3 however it could be used for reconnaissance and more importantly Mine counter measure (MCM) operations which in fact is also the use of the US Navy. (here is my concept about mines btw :) )

The REMUS is deployable via small surface vessels such as this one.



So there could be, next to the normal Vessel, a MCM variant that can deploy the REMUS and therefore be an valuable tactical defense for mines.

How could this work? Well quite simple:

  • The REMUS UUV's get deployed in the water
  • The Player can give the REMUS waypoints on the map
  • They swarm out randomly or search in pre-defined areas
  • When the reach a mine in a certain distance ( rather low) a jammer activates and disables the mine (simple script is executed)
  • The mines are defenseless to this counter measure

The reconnaisance factor on the other hand is rather weak. The REMUS is only able to report vehicles or divers in a certain range and mark them on the map.

To put the idea back into the general context:

There are mines as countermeasure of combat divers and SDV's and UUV's as countermeasure of mines

Example of usage in a mission:

A harbor has to be assaulted. However it is highly expected there are mines used to protect it, so an approach with SDV's and combat swimmers is too dangerous. The attacking force uses an MCMV and sends out REMUS to infiltrate the harbour and disable the mines. Once all mines are disabled the combat swimmers can advance and successfully carry out their mission.


- REMUS "Swordfish" for RSTA and MCM device.

- minimal changes to existing models (new variant of already existing vessel called MCMV Mine CounterMeasure Vessel )

- minimal effort in modelling

- basic functions

- completely new in gaming

- new and fresh tactical aspect

Here and here is everything you could want to know about UUV's.

NAVY Unmanned Undersea Vehicle UUV Master Plan


In order to equip the OPFOR with those abilities aswell it is not required to make new units but to act on the assumption of industrial espionage and simply alter the models ( slightly different model and new camo) as seen in this example with the SOAR Dragon and Global Hawk.

The team might not be able to implement all of the presented Vehicles. Therefore I regard the T-Hawk and the TALON as most important, if not necessary.

I hope you, reading this, got a small insight to the world of UAV's and maybe found some inspiration :)

With best regards


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rFactor .DDS skinning method for modding. All you literally have to do is download nVidia's

DDS plug-in for Photoshop, open the file, paint it, re-save it in another name in a new folder and voila!

The .txt file tells the game what it is and what it's called so you can select it from a menu.

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