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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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- A map marker legend, one where you can click and drag a marker instead of double click and scroll through them.

and select colours the same way... 10 years after OFP and I still can't work out how to do that on an MP map.

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When placing objects in the editor, 2d or 3d, I want to be able to change their altitude/height. 0 being on ground level and default. Also the ability to switch in between above terrain and above sea level would be useful for aircraft missions.

Also, some items you place should be able to go underground. For example a trench, foxhole or earthern artillary rampant. Doesn't need to be super deep, for example instead of digging a 5 ft trench the trench should be 3 ft deep and all the dug up earth put into sandbags and there could be 2ft of sandbags above ground.

Regardless of what the end designs look like, just having the capability to create new objects such that actually create space below surface level would be awesome because it gives the community a chance to create their own objects such as trenches and underground bunkers.

Being able to place dug in positions in the editor would be an awesome new concept to the arma series that only continues to add to the possibilities and realism/authenticity.

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Heres a few ideas from me

1. Dragable ammo crates.

2. Walk should be the default movement, and double tap for run.

3. In cars,by default, mouse should move head only, and keyboard move vehicle direction.

4. Ammo crates should have fierce explosions if hit.

5. Airplanes should be able to fly higher.

6. Editing resouces- a catalogue of convoys, bases, etc

7. Better sounds/effects like that of Ace/blastcore etc.

8. Modules should be much more adjustable, eg ambient combat, specifiy how much, type, intensity etc

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Map types:

- Egypt - Zone near Giza and piramides! Its be a very great and atmosperic for A3!!!

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I'd love to see further improvements in how we can issue movement orders to our AI.

The green line that shows up at walls when issuing orders is nice, but something similar to what games like Full Spectrum Warrior or GRAW had with the little yellow dots would give a better visual representation of where your AI will move and how they will stack up around walls, corners or objects.

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1. Hide-sites for scout-snipers (a hasty dug-in concealed position with made with cammo netting and posts set up under the cover of darkness to prevent detection.)

2. hand-held cammo Periscope w/mosquito netting over the lens to eliminate light reflection, so a scout can look out a window or from atop a roof without exposing his head.

3. Female soldiers in U.S. forces if the MOS's that they serve in are present (i.e. Pilots, Air Force EOD, Military Police).

4. Raven hand launched UAVs, can be launched from a humvee while enroute to scout ahead of the convoy for enemy forces/IEDs while being piloted by a soldier who is a passenger in one of the humvees.

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I shamefully need to repost this here since I failed the first time around. It's generally trying to improve the CQC element of the game through some fairly straightforward changes.

Essentially, there needs to be an intermediate speed between walking and running, that needs to be default during CQC. I'm not sure if you should be able to fire steadily while moving this way, but keeping your weapon fairly stable would add a lot to reaction time, the lack of which is what I think is making the game feel so clunky. As it is now, you're either running with no hope to engage in a timely fashion (which is fine) or moving at a snail's pace with a sort of steady aim. Whereas what we need for proper CQC is an intermediate pace. Or at least a slower run, sort of like a jog, to use in place of full on running but with very fast ready time since your upper body is still in the ready position except the weapon is lowered.

In addition to this, weapon sway while side strafing is waaay too big and this makes adjusting your position in cover an annoying and clunky process of trial and failure as opposed to something smooth and straightforward.

I'm fairly sure none of the above have been added yet as you can see in CG presentations, specifically at 0:46, how the player has to run clumsily back and forth to check the corner. The player clearly can't strafe smoothly into position and consequently, the reaction time suffers dramatically.

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Don't know whether this has been brought up or not, but a search on the thread didn't yield a result:


Customizable camo/colors on weapons and attachments.


For woodland areas for example there is a number of different camo options (like flecktarn or wdl) that differ by environment, personal taste, and branch/nation. I know it sounds COD'ish, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is bad, and if modders can add their own camos to existing weapons, it would be finally possible to have e.g. winter camo on rifles (which rarely anybody does). It also makes it possible for players to chose a weapon style they like (even the dreaded "Hello Kitty" gun, although I suppose I just gave a good counter-argument :D)

So far, adding multiple camos for a weapon is a rather painful job, since it requires a new model for every gun (since hiddenSelections do not work on weapon models).


I assume that the pre-mission briefing/equipment will still be there, and that there is an option to configure your weapon during the briefing phase (i.e. "I want a TAR-21 with an Eotech instead of the MARS"). There could be a button "Customize Camo" which would simply pop up a list select box with all available camos for this weapon.

Technically, the camo application could be done via mixing the textures. Allow a camo texture for a weapon using an alpha channel (have the default to be alpha=1 all over or optimize out). This way, modders can either "paint" onto the original coloring, or replace the original coloring with a new paint scheme.

The mission designer/server admin will always be in control over addons used, so a server can restrict the use of addons to avoid Hello Kitty guns.

Thanks for reading :)

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Realistic bullet holes in walls with normal maps applied instead of the flat black dots we're getting.... How hard is it to create an alpha, diffuse and normal map texture as bullet holes... could of been done with ArmA 2 & Blood effects like SLX but with better textures would really be nice. And with customization having the option to have goggles, or some stuff on your helmet like a goggle sock/cover, Option to have the goggles at facing backward. Optional netting on the helmet. All customization would be nice and not just fixed with just 2-3 helmet and armor variations. Although body armour is a bit more difficult to customize in IMHO.... I don't think CO's would allow you to add whatever you want to them. But i'm no soldier so I can't say anything about that. Weapon overheat and jam would be nice as well, And definitely better animations of weapons would be nice like battlefield, COD etc. That's the only real thing I like about those games. They have realistic reloads while we don't.... Even America's Army has proper reloads and it's a free game... Come on BIS :) I'm sure you can make some really good looking weapon animations/reloads unjamming etc.

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Why is there no

- Realistic Armor system for vehicles

- Realistic Weapon Guidance (Missiles and such)

On the list?

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Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but:

Since we can already change the whole uniform and helmets, perhaps it's time to take it up a notch:

Ability to change into a faction's clothing if it's in ample supply (once it's discovered.)

To discover a uniform/vest/camo/helmet etc., you must first encounter and kill a soldier wearing that equipment, steal the uniform (not necessarily equip it) and bring it to the base/buy the equipment from the black market

Perhaps this could result in a different identification system. If you change your default camo to a camo used by the enemy, you will be considered friendly to them from at least 500m away.

You start out with basic NATO camo/vests/helmets (perhaps only the ones on you in the beginning) and later gain access to both Iranian, Civilian, and Guerrilla camos/vests/helmets.

A new ammo box called <SIDE> uniform locker with all available uniforms of that side stored inside.

Combinations could be endless! Iranian camo BDUS, mixed camo, guerrillas with captured Iranian helmets in M81/DCU/whatever they use, to name a few.

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How about a more advanced/realistic medical aid system? I think it would add significantly to the immersion of the game.

Some ideas:

- Medics can only stop bleeding, not restore full health.

- Seriously wounded units must be transported to a medical facility (not merely a medevac chopper or medic) for full healing or replacement.

- Seriously wounded units can be transported via stretcher for speeds much faster than carrying on your back.

- Seriously wounded units can be loaded into ground, air and sea vehicles as passengers.

- Players can request an AI (or in the case of multiplayer, human) operated medevac chopper to extract seriously wounded units and transport them to a medical facility.

- If medevac chopper is called, precise LZ must be marked with coloured smoke once the chopper gets close enough to see it. Could even tell the chopper to abort and RTB in case of approaching enemy through the use of red smoke.

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  • Japanese Defence Force
  • Israeli Defence Force
  • Helenic Army
  • German army
  • Polish army
  • Italian Army
  • Russian Armed Forces
  • French Army

Map Types

  • Israel
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Sudan
  • Lybia
  • South-Africa
  • Namibia
  • Somalia
  • caribbean islands

Fixed Wings

  • F-4G
  • A-4E
  • A-1E


  • Mermaids
  • Hyenas
  • Hippopotamuses (very aggressive)
  • Lynx
  • Bears

Modules and Others

  • Airstrikes
  • Car Radio
  • Streaming Videos and Music
  • International Streaming radios from any country (USA, Canada, Franch and more)
  • Car Stealing while the car is manned like GTA games
  • Streaming Videos and Music

This :D Also the Post above me^

Also please make the AI's a little smarter. Like when I tell them to go somewhere they will go there without hesitation. Also when telling them to go inside vehicles if they could do it faster. in ARMA 2 it takes them to react. Am mainly talking about "Warfare Mode" Also more enhancements for WARFARE mode make the AI Commander build more intelligently( meaning he builds more defensive walls and turrents around the base). Also make it easier to install mods, and play them..

Warfare Mode

Instead of scenarios make it so . where we could choose which factions will play in the map, and which starting location they will start on.

Dont forget the Resistance on the towns that need to be taken. Also make so you can choose how many starting towns the factions have. Make enhancements to the map make it a little more user friendly, and the option to make more militaristic.


Game Start

Click Warfare Mode

Choose Map (2 Sided) (3 Sided) maybe (4 Sided) maps

Choose which factions, and place them on the map starting locations

Game Start.

I know there is Editor for that. But I would love for at least some Warfare maps to be implemented at least 3 or 4 maps(with choose able factions).

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Dutch armed forces!!!


Hear me out. The Netherlands may be a small country but they posess the most advanced military technology available.

They are very capable of controlling and securing a large area. They held Uruzgan province in Afghanistan for over 6 years making it one of the safest area's in Afghanistan and rebuilding 90% of the infrastructure.

They invented the concept of the "sea soldier" and have the oldest marine corps in the world and actually trained the American special forces togehter with the S.A.S back in the early 1900's. They're 400 year old tactics are still used today.

They're naval warfare is a force to be reckoned with. All the ships were designed and fabricated in The Netherlands and are as state of the art as they come.

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A greater range of behaviours for enemy AI to create a more authentic experience, e.g:

  • More aggressive shouting to squadmates (esp. from squad leader)
  • Wounded animations (e.g limping, clutching limbs, writhing instead of dying instantly)
  • Screaming and yelling when hit
  • RUNNING into and out of buildings, up stairs/ladders(!)
  • JUMPING from low rooftops
  • DIVING into cover
  • Panic firing/blind firing for suppression
  • More shoot and scoot: never staying still on open ground for more than a few seconds
  • Panicking civilians (huddling in buildings for cover)

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Even if hand to hand combat is not intended to be in Vanilla Arma 3, please make it possible, and as easy as possible to implement such things as an addon.

The same goes for the development tools, anything that makes it easier to make an addon and get it in game i'm all for it. Oh and i hope it is easier to install and setup the tools and folders next time. BIS, it would be great if you could join all the tools, Visitor, Oxygen, Binpbo, etc in to one software that just sets everything up and extracts the necessary pbo's in to the project folders automatically via exe.

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--Menu command to terminate AI bounding overwatch/"danger" mode.

Modding & Content

-- More easily-customizable native AI FSMs

-- Better-documented functions for native AI FSMs

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1) BIS should better optimize the game ( tho i upgraded pc now and then just for arma, then arma 2 ;p worth it. )

2) focus on multiplayer. really. i dont give a dam about campaigns, missions etc. Multiplayer is way more fun. And here i actually started to understand most of aspects of gameplay, and the reason why i stayed with arma for ages. (arma was my 1st game from series)). There are some game modes such as evo, domi, tdm. just improve these modes, add em on mp missions list in game already. Try to find out how to organize players on mp to make em work as team. This will improve the gameplay x1000 times.

Multiplayer is most probably the only reason why people buy arma and don't download it from somewhere else.

3) make some tutorials... or ask some communities sites to create/upload some and choose the best.

4) fix some details such as throtle on joystick. (make it possible to change % of power or whatever it called like ) annoying to fly with things how it is now. and other details..

5) ragdoll... ehh.. there is no need in ragdolls if it will be glitchy / buggy. Better something old what works well then something new and crappy. I'm fine as it is with default death animations.

overall: no need to add some extra stuff which will be fixed by numerous of patches again and again.

Just polish the game, fix few things and it will be perfect.

once again multiplayer, multiplayer, multiplayer.

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It'd be cool that if you picked up e.g. an enemy radio from a fallen officer, that you were able to hear what

they are radioing to each other.

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Crepuscular rays|Volumetric Lighting

The goal of this feature is to create a more authentic 3-dimensional space and feeling of depth, especially in the new water environment and prevent it from looking like just a blue filter.

The team has already added these light reflections.

In addition it was said there might even be plankton particles to give it more depth.

All these features serve to make the world look more authentic. The only thing that is currently missing are Crepuscular rays.

I think anyone who has been diving before knows them.

So, despite from looking absolutely cool :cool:, they serve even more purposes.

Adding (fake) Volumetric Lighting enables realistic simulation of lightcones of flashlights (supported by a simple alpha layer texture)

Simulating sunbeams passing through clouds (keep pictures like this and the clouds in mind :))

and much more believable lightsources during night.

I believe this deserves improvement :)

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Fog of War would be nice! we will have the heat haze effect, but we need moreeee! :) im talking about to have the oportunity to burn tires,cars,garbage etc etc. new wind effects, so the smoke can spread around the whole town. rain,snow,fog,Miami Heat :D and all these effects should have influences on the terrain .. so when its to rainy/snow , you cant use some vehicles/equipment .. this should bring the game more space for new tactics.. i would be happy about a new explosion animation. i think that to many tanks are exploding in arma .. if you hit a tank with a sabot round,propably every 10th is exploding .. and this after they burned for 2 hours .. Some tanks ,like the T-72 are exploding much easyer then other.. so this would be also a option to make arma 3 much more realistic. but the most important thing ,from my sight .. is that Arma needs a complete new briefing system.. now we have this briefing .. from CO to Squadleader .. so what we need now .. is a Squadleader to Squad brifing, which alows you to brief your squad much detailed.. giving them the orders before they get to the green zone!! for example:


Status: Alert

Fire: Engage at will

Movement:Crouched/taking cover


Modus: Defend



Status: Alert

Fire: Engage at will

Movement:Prone/taking cover

Priority:Heavy Armor

Modus: Defend


and after you brief them ..you press enter and go to the battlefield!! now you have the time to act as a squadleader, and give your soldiers the next order/target etc etc ..

new tracer animations(espac, at night), Fire support Groups

new impact animations .. for the 20mm guns,Mortars,Arty,Guided bombs

Shockwaves, easy way to use soflam,arty,mortars

more static weapons.

and please BIS put in an option to holster our guns . so the gun is realy in the holster!! :P

And dont make the Vehicles so naked .. put on some gear on the tanks .. comuflage net,repair gear,extra ammo.. the tanks now .. look like they came fresh from the factories..


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