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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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Difficulty setting for get back old fatigue system, difficulty setting for get back old fatigue system, difficulty setting for get back old fatigue system, difficulty setting for get back old fatigue system, difficulty setting for get back old fatigue system, difficulty setting for get back old fatigue system, difficulty setting for get back old fatigue system.

Difficulty setting for get back old fatigue system.


What to hell is happening with realism in Arma?

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Probably already mentioned somewhere, but:


Vider variety in fixed wing loadouts with correct models. eg. CAP (AA only), CAS (no smartweapons) and Multirole (missiles and smartweapons). Sure you can change loadouts by scripting now, but it breaks immersion when the model don´t carry the weapons it actually does.


This applies to any vehicles as long as there is no Arsenal for vehciles. :)

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Dear developers, add the ability to change the sound output device without having to restart the game. And what would the game will return to the default audio interface.

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My first post ever,


reading the rules the second slap in my face, after your update: First rule: have fun


the fist slap in my face: your update, because this update kills my fun


This post is not meant for discussion, its only my note, want to post it. Cant beliefe, there People agree with the last update! And i tell them:


waht ever you post, try to convince me that you like the last update: i dont beliefe you.  only claims, want to make yourself important. Cant Imaging that it can be fun without doing a single step, trying to aim trough the optic of an Rocketlauncher hear your characters breath and whine like after running 5000m and also the view runs cyclic unsharp  (big battle agia Maria, in other maps and gameplays you move like a snail until you arrive at the Action, your team is dead running out o ammo, because it in your backpack and if you want to fire some shots in this game, be faster than a snail, activate invinsibility, before all enemys atack you). Every mission i played after the update



market thereof     not to reach a harder gameplay but


produced an entirely exaggerated, almost as malicious limitation of my



fighting strength. And if your update is the same like mine, i tell you: nobody have fun with a update like a slap in your face and who is responsible for this update should translate this german Phrase: HOCHMUT KOMMT VOR DEM FALL!  

I guess you lost the Connection to your customer. I cant beliefe

that this update is meant to get closer to reality, for me this Looks not being developed by a team, want to create the best game, (and believe me, we al want a game not reality) and fun to his customer, but carries the character of a Boss make his decission  blindet by his former success, full of himself and narrow-minded. If this was the case, you better think about the Beginning and the reason why people buy this Game.


If you Need ​a good idea, making fast and more Money, here is one: Offer the VERSION before the last update as Christmasspeacial, i will buy it. If i find a game, come Close your previous Version, i will buy this, seriously.










Seams like​ to think about













 tell you: think about youre success with ARMA 2 and 3

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Nice idea this topic.


- Content :


Female entity, with it's own body, can be civilian or soldier.

Childs entity, with their own body, and why not able carrying weapons for some scenarios including child soldiers.


I think that in a game actually that calling himself a "Military simulator", so in a realistic way, never seen any woman, civilian or soldier or any child is a little weird.

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Some ideas:


Mines: Stun-, Sound- and Less Than Lethal Mines (for the TVT missions without respawn).


Launchers: RPG-32 equivalent for BLUFOR and INDFOR, eg: non-locking reloadable multiammo launcher (Maaws M4). Again, this would promote player skill in TVT scenarios.

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Dynamic fatigue restoring when leaning on water ~or staying under (with rebreather).

-'_2-nd rebreather type - as backpack.

Fix the all humans dying inside helicopter after some shots (helicopter stays fine) cases.

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Add subfolders/tabs for each mod so there isn't one giant list to scroll through in the virtual arsenal. THANK YOU.

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To the Developers at BI i had an idea about a new design for a Semi Automatic 7.62 weapon. Email me for more details... Please 

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New aircraft i and the community would like


jets with 2 seats (pilot + co-pilot)


For blufor (NATO) there could be a jet with 2 seats that is model off the British Air force's (R.A.F) typhoon euro-fighter, image below is the jet i'm talking about, this variant shown isn't a 2 seated version but this is just an example.

link to image http://www.airpowerworld.info/jet-fighter-planes/raf-typhoon.jpg



For opfor(RUSSIAN) there could be a 2 seated su-24 that is modernized to fit the era/time arma 3 is set in, the picture below is the aircraft i'm talking about.

link to image http://nationalinterest.org/files/main_images/Sukhoi_Su-24_inflight_Mishin-2.jpg







For independent (AAF) there could just be a version of the main jet they have now but with 2 seats? image below shows aircraft i'm talking about.

link to image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ee/Hawk.t1a.xx159.arp.jpg/440px-Hawk.t1a.xx159.arp.jpg



new cargo plane?


A new cargo plane for all factions and civilians? like the transport plane from arma 2 the c130j would be perfect!, but obviously modernized, image below show the aircraft i'm talking about.

link to image http://media.defenceindustrydaily.com/images/AIR_C-130J_lg.jpg



Thanks for reading, these are just ideas for the future dlc/expansion or patches.

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Wishes:Add possibility to hide mines ,anywhere.Make inviz to AI.

A new helicopter,Eurocopter Panther .


Awacs that works like the real thing.With PiP screens(radar).With ability to draw a line/path onto the screen that the Cap will see as their path,with altitude reading.


More subs.


Just my 2 cent for today.

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I'm not interested in Steam, therefore not interested in ArmA III - so it would be nice to get rid of the Steam and internet activation .... for the next version of ArmA. Like it was in ArmA II times. Then our squad might upgrade and not skip the version again.

Just my two cents.


Presi aka. El Presidente from Flashpoint/ArmA(II) forums

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In context to the comming Apex DLC who include the new South Pacific island Tanoa i would suggest a futher DLC for a new faction for this island, based on the German armed forces (with some fictional parts, becuase the game playes in 2035). I personaly would like to see the German forces one time as playable faction in a game and not just as bot-faction as side note or as the "evil enemys" ... as camouflage for the vehicles i suggest the common NATO-standard Flecktarn as well as for the infantery uniforms the new German camouflage pattern "Multitarndruck"  ... about the ingame names (becuase of license rights) of the faction, the equipment or modifications on the models i will do no suggestion ... here my list:

Light Strike Vehicle (comming with Apex)

- LIV (SO) Serval

  • basiccolored olive
  • basiccolored khaki

Armored Car (Hunter, Ifritt and Strider counterpart)

- MOWAG Eagle V

  • unarmed
  • armed with remote weapon station MG
  • armed with remote weapon station greade launcher

IFV (IFV-6a Cheetah and FV-720 Mora counterpart)

- SPz Puma

  • without Spike-ER launcher
  • with Spike-ER launcher

Wheeled IFV (AMV-7 Marshall and AFV-4 Gorgon counterpart)

- Boxer with 30mm LANCE turret

Main Battle Tank (M2A1 Slammer, T-100 Varsuk and MBT-52 Kuma counterpart)

- Leopard 2 A7+

Artillery (M4 Scorcher and 2S9 Sochor counterpart)

- Panzerhaubitze 2000

Multirole Truck (HEMTT, Tempest and Zamak counterpart)

- LKW 15t mil gl MULTI 2 (A4 FSA)

Attack Helicopter (AH-99 Blackfoot and Mi-48 Kajman counterpart)

- Eurocopter Tiger

  • universal variant with 30mm Mauser RMK30 nose gun + 70mm FZ rocket pod + PARS 3-LR pod + FIM-92 Stinger

Light Helicopter (MH-9 Hummingbird / AH-9 Pawnee, PO-30 Orca and WY-55 Hellcat counterpart)

- Airbus Helicopters H145M

  • basiccolored grey, unarmed
  • basiccolored grey, armed with 12,7mm MG-pod + 70mm FZ rocket pod

Transport Helicopter (UH-80 Ghost Hawk and CH-49 Mohawk counterpart)

- NATO-Helicopter 90

Fighter Plane (A-164 Wipeout, To-199 Neophron and A 143 Buzzard counterpart)

- Eurofighter Typhoon

  • basiccolored grey, fighter variant with AIM-2000 IRIS-T rockets
  • basiccolorede grey, ground attack variant with Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missiles + GBU-48 Paveway II bombs

Assault Rifles

- G36 IdZ

  • basiccolored black
  • sludge chalk camo

- G36 IdZ with AG40-2 grenade launcher

  • basiccolored black
  • sludge chalk camo

- G36K IdZ

  • basiccolored black
  • sludge chalk camo

- G36K IdZ with AG40-2 grenade launcher

  • basiccolored black
  • sludge chalk camo

- G36K KSK-custom

  • sludge chalk camo

- G36C IdZ

  • basiccolored black
  • sludge chalk camo

- G27 (= HK417 with 16" barrel)

  • basiccolored black
  • basiccolored two-tone brown

- G27 with AG40-2 grenade launcher

  • basiccolored black
  • basiccolored two-tone brown


Machine Pistols

- MP7

  • as main armament with exposed epaulette


Sniper Rifles

- G23 (= Accuracy International AWM)

  • basiccolored olive

- G29 (= Haenel RS9)

  • basiccolored black
  • sludge chalk camo

- G82 (= Barrett M82)

  • basiccolored black
  • basiccolored olive

- G28 (= H&K DMR 762)

  • basiccolored two-tone brown


Pistols / Secondary Weapons

- P12 (= USP Tactical)

- MP7

  • as secondary armament with unexposed epaulette


Rocket Launchers

- Panzerfaust 3
- Fliegerfaust 2 Stinger

Machine Guns

- MG4

  • basiccolored black
  • sludge chalk camo

- MG5

  • basiccolored black
  • basiccolored brown



- Remington 870


Red Dots / Visirs / Scopes

- EOTech HHS2

  • basiccolored black
  • basiccolored khaki

- EOTech HHS2 with switch to side 3x Magnifier

  • basiccolored black
  • basiccolored khaki

- Zeiss RSA-S

  • with rubber cover

- Zeiss ZO 4x30

  • with top mounted Zeiss RSA-S (rubber cover)

- Elcan Specter DR 1-4x

- Walther ZFR 3-9x44
- Schmidt und Bender 1.1-4x20 PM ShortDot

  • basiccolored khaki

- Schmidt und Bender 3-20x50 PM II

  • standard variant, basiccolored black
  • basiccolored khaki with RAS-rails and top mounted Aimpoint Micro T1 (khaki rubber cover)

- Zeiss Victory Diavari 6-24x72 T FL

Lamps / Laiser Mounts


- LLM01




- Infanterist der Zukunft (short IdZ, translated "Infantryman of the future") suit

  • with normal sleeves
  • with rolled up sleeves

- Combat Shirt + IdZ panties

  • with normal sleeves
  • with rolled up sleeves

- T-Shirt + IdZ panties

- pilot overall

  • monocolored olive


Combat Vests / Chest-Riggs

- IdZ combat vest

- some sort of common combet vest (common soldiers + special forces KSK)

  • monocolored coyote
  • coyote with packs in Multitarndruck
  • monocolored olive
  • olive with with packs in Multitarndruck

- some sort of common Chest-Rigg


Helmets / Head Wear

- MICH 2002 (common soldiers + special forces KSK)

  • basiccolored olive without attachments
  • basiccolored olive + RAS-rails and night vision device mount
  • basiccolored coyote without attachments
  • basiccolored coyote + RAS-rails and night vision device mount
  • "grass" camouflage without attachments
  • "grass" camouflage + RAS-rails and night vision device mount
  • Multitarndruck camouflage + RAS-rails and nighr vision device mount

- MICH 2001 (special forces KSK)

  • basiccolored olive
  • basiccolored olive + LUCIE II night vision device mount
  • basiccolored coyote
  • basiccolored coyote + LUCIE II night vision device mount
  • "grass" camouflage
  • "grass" camouflage + LUCIE II night vision device mount

- Combat Helmet FAST (common soldiers + special forces KSK)

  • basiccolored olive
  • basiccolored coyote
  • "grass" camouflage
  • Multitarndruck camouflage

- pilot helmet Knighhelm IHS

- tank crew cap

- some sort of common Boonie

- Bundeswehr Feldmütze

  • Multitarndruck

Glasses / Face Wear

- SwissEye Raptor

  • glasses in black
  • glasses in orange
  • colorless glasses

- Shemag

  • variant in olive/black
  • variant in foliage-tan

- Balaclava without mouth opening + Bollé X800 glasses (special forces KSK)

  • variant in black
  • variant in Tan camouflage


- Wrap Mask with SwissEye Raptor (special forces KSK)

  • black mask with glasses in black
  • black mask with glasses in orange
  • black mask with colorless glasses
  • Tan mask with glasses in black
  • Tan mask with glasses in orange
  • Tan mask with colorless glasses

Night Vision Devices / Helmet Mounts

- IdZ-ES "Gladius" information system


- diverse backpacks


The new Multitarndruck pattern:


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 Plate inserts for armor.


The way I figure it , the biggest complaint I hear on servers is the "bullet sponge" effect caused by the health system, armor system, and desync.

What if instead of adding an object that provided an "armor rating" we simply attach an object to the players hit box based on what the user has equipped.

So say we had the Carrier rig, this by it's self could provide Type  IIIA  protection, (aka will not allow .44 mag / .357 Sig to pass through the object.) but would be replaced by the Type III rifle plate. ( this would prevent stacking and strange effects for the armor)


The plate wouldn't have to actually be rendered in at all, simply remain in Alpha and cause a "pass through" shield?  If I'm not mistaken  pistol rounds and the like passing through wood walls or other small surfaces loose 80% of their velocity and thus heavily reducing their damage. 

I think this would help with the bullet sponge effect and allow players to use something besides 7.62 and larger with out feeling under powered or out gunned while adding a level of realism.  If you look at most casualties in modern conflicts where there is body armor present, the groin and arms are more often wounded than the torso.



So just to clear things up.


Think of it like attaching a wood wall in-game to a players chest. The pass through conditions would be easy to modify and allow for a quick, yet simple fix to an annoying issue.




Then again i've probably over simplified it.  Just an Idea.

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#151 icon_share.png

Will it be possible to control size of fonts and panels of Eden ?
(Would like make some of them smaller, some bigger)
And will be some easy way to create some ai presets, like:

Some interface to set up:

equipment, med. skill, engineer skill, standard skills, faction, possibly control |arma 3|'s " randomization and after get it available in editor, zeus.

(create even groups like it)


lock cursor on screen while holding r.m.b. and maybe: ability to choose where to zoom in|out '`cursor or.center of screen `'( Eden ).


Pleeease add ability to get init field, if debug console on, on   any   object though zeus (mcc have, so it's possible, but all players can't use mcc at same time).
We begging you, dear developers, please, that would be so nice.

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Fix the amphibious transport movement (driver - ai, water) (now its: move, stop, move, stop, ..).

Pleease: Increase font size for coordinates and information at cursor on map.

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Command to check if unit do controlling any uav.

I like introducing of two hands weapon handing walking animation, but who created it i guies newer holded any weapon in his hands, after not much time walking like that you we be unable to stabilize weapon with your left hand to shot at human even 200 meters away and using of belt will or do not help at all or make your |neck|top part of back| aching (according to it's setting up) (breaking authenticity and immersion).
Bohemia interactive please fix it.
And the new animation are stucking when changing walking direction.

Option to disable bullets counting ui.

ah 9 - no shooting sound for pilot;

make zooming to crosshair optional (please, it's very uncomfortable, speed of work in zeus began ~20% smaller).

Edited by t.a.6

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Arma 3 assets:


More capacity MRAP.


!!! `( MRAP cannot be exploded by 1 C4 brick `'its the point of MRAP's creation).
(would be happy to see suitability of vehicle damage|?|destroying system to conformity modern, future-even more, requirements to armed vehicles by keeping crew and troops alive),


! 5 6.5 bullets to destroy M-ATV's wheel .?..




|AMW-7 which is SuperAV.

|Not rarely have with Infantry ACV with MG/GL RWS and CIS SGL better, so i would like to ask Bohemia |interactive to add Terrex to game.

|(Not without reason US always keeping both the AAV types), (lack of it (at least for us), using marid for blufor too).


! ACV's wheels shouldn't be possible to destroy with 15 basic 6.5 bullets (am i mistaking?).


~+ LVTP-7, maybe should present tracked amphibious vehicle,


+ ! LCAC or kind of, more then have to.
(LCAC and Zubr that would be so cool ) and right, for missions, for campaigns, for multiplayer game modes, even just for fill the empty space).


+ !! M2, will still present in the game's time, anyway is a choice, please, need an IFV and sorry but Namer is absolutely useless, it need to be right armed, armored too (just for do not forget).


+ ! M1 unless Bohemia Interactive can get right information about for include M1A3 in game, M1A2 will present by the game's time definaly, - 7.62, top: 7.62, .50 cal. RWS .50cal., better amor, and faster then Merkava Mk.4 `(and merkava stays with capability to transport infantry),


! A-164 main weapon suppression (possibly: , |'power'|) effect is not enough.


+ ! Five generation planes: F-22 F-35B | C , PAK FA.


MV-22, (if " Tanoa " is how i guies * 1.2 | > " Altis " size and even if not ) ).


Battleships, carriers (it's just, what if yes ) ).

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These's are a few ideas for expanding Arma 3 in a future update.


1. The ability to FFV from an ATV's passenger seat. As well as from the driver's seat if the engine is off (or just stopped if possible).


2. Medevac variants of the Ghosthawk, Wildcat, Orca, Hunter, Strider, Punisher and Offroad (Civilian and FIA).


3. 12.7mm RCWS variants of the HEMTT, Kamaz and Tempest trucks.


4. The Eden update changed the default gait when a character walks. Indicating that there is more that one animation. Could it be possible to choose from multiple gait options in your profile similar to how you choose your appearance?


5. A static .50 cal with hi and low tripods for the FIA (the one mounted on the offroad).

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