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Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

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I think Russian Aircraft Carrier Kuznetsov and Rusia Airforce should be create.

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Added idea

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ULCV's are the Future



Micro UGV

http://www.unmanned.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Qinetiq-Dragon-Runner-10.jpg (106 kB)


Also, Micro Camera's that can be monitored by an assemble-able screen or table with monitors on it. The ability to set different monitors to different micro camera's that can be placed around the map.

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- Should be dark in the buildings if they haven’t got any windows (wrong HDR effect)
- Dynamic self-shadow from every light not only from the Sun
- There should be rivers or streams on the scene
-If it rains, the roads and the ground should become wet or muddy
-more detailed living environment in the villages and towns(citisens,NPC's, shops, offices)
-The speed of explosions are too slow and no snapnel effect
-Visible more war debris in town or lands
-More different visual feedback about damage every objects If we use different caliber weapons. (broke or collaps glass or objects when hit it)
-More visual feedback If vehicles are damaging.
-More colorfull scene, less  brown or  post process effect in full display

-better and deatiled texture  on objects and enviroment


-More battle noise, Soldiers should scream and curse if they injured or fear
- more variable sounds on different materials

-AI’s behave more realistic.They shouldn’t see through bushes ,trees etc..
-improving parts of pathfinder system
-Use and make some things individually if they have to do. Shoot , if they have been identified by enemy or run cover if enemy throws grenade among us
-improve morale system , move back if they contact bigger strength enemy or call reinforcement.
-Move more dynamic and fluid than real.(more  different animations)
-AI’s should work in group with player more effective.

-improve physical system ( If it contains PhysX system, when why don't we see big differences from previos series? Only ragdoll ,but don't cloth simulatoiion, brokable objects
-damage system( not HP system)
-The explosions haven't got effect the tiny things like boxes or windows glass( push and broke things when exploding something )
-particle system
-collision system ( effect -counter effect)
-Explode some things like gas or petrol tank
- the water have to flow from water tower if it get leak.
-We should use doors of cars for cover

- too little the variation of movement( I didn’t see injured or wounded people movement or help each other to can climbing or move cover)
-AI should use more animations when they go through obstacles or move in cover or when he get a hit in legs or arms or another non dedly place is its body
-AI’s use animations more dinamicly and continue.Not to be a break when  they change position or direction.


-Improve CQB fight (breach and clear room by room)
- New commanding chain and UI ( see in PPT)
-More fight on the map at the same time (independent from my mission)
-The player model control and aiming should be more direct like other FPS,because it is delay a lit a bit.

There have to solve to work together the players,because they only run and shoot on everyone and everything what move on the map indivuduali and there isn’t teamplay in the open servers. And thats way this servers became such a gameplay than ordinary action FPS and not like a tactikal military FPS.



Commanding Chain:

In ARMA it is very difficult If we want use this during fire fight.Because We have to select that soldier whom we would like to use in task.But We have to use only 5 buttons in my system every situations any position from firegroup to division.
Because The commander doesn't order to every single soldier in real life.
So, the section leader order to A or B fire team leader and He order to fire group soldiers.
Every soldier is able to communicate in one level higher or lower commander or any neighbore commander, except fire group soldiers. Unfortunatly, For this system Have to improve AI to carry out the order well.

For example:
The company commander want to attack the town. He tells order to 2. platoon leader and the 2. platoon leader order to 1.section leader to move right and to 3. section leader to move left and the second move straight ahead.

The 2. section leader see a enemy machinegun group in the bushes thats why He order to A fire team to make a suppressing fire and B fire team to go around and kill enemy since they fight with A fire team.B fire team leader order B firegroup soldier to trow a grenade on enemy . After that B fire fire group soldier report to clear and so on toward every single superior.

I hope ,it is clear enough to understand my idea. It could be more tactician and easy way to simulate a very big and complex battle on the map


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Ok Idea here, Can we get the engine optimized for a module which will allow ambiance of civilians in towns and rural areas. One aspect that is always missing from arma missions would be the locals driving cars, standing outside, working, walking and such. 

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The quality of animations, for when seeing infantry move around is not the best imo. Watching the infantry move around seem unrealistic, making it harder to aim at because the animated body that also move around, doesn't act natural. Movements are too jerky, quick, and simplistic.


Suggestion: Have a better paced set of animations for when a character is moving and turning around.


Imo, it is not good enough to have basic animations for walking and running, it is as if concerns for the pacing of body movement as a whole was omitted from the design.


I am not a programmer, but it would not surprise me if improved pacing for the animation would allow for characters to move around more realistically, without being limited by networking technology.


I am not an professional animator, but one way to describe an aspect of this "pacing" I speak of, would be to think of animations and movement as playing out as non linear, and thus weigthed. That means, slow starts, and slow stops, when a character at speed come to a halt, either as running or simply rotating the body somehow.

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Female Characters.

Playable, AI, Military, Civilian.

It is 2015 have a look outside there is almost 50% population not male! In game 2035 it is 100% male; how do we procreate and survive as species with no females?

Female characters should be an integral part of the game, and twenty years from now should definitely be involved in all roles in a conflict zone.

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SHADOWS, PHYSX and GEOMETRY should be calculated from a single LOD with OPTIONAL use of multiple LODs for each one, if really necessary.


Not that this system already was proven to work PERFECTLY in Half Life 2 series and all the games powered by Source engine, but I believe it would be performance friendlier than current system as well. Let's not even mention how much time would you save for us modders.


I simply dont see why you would not make an experiment with this idea. It works, it is simple and it is better. Really now, leave ancient systems so that we can welcome you in the year 2015.


No harm done. I am just implying that because I love Arma 3 and I want it to be as successful as it can. ;)

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Didn't know where to post it, so if someone will see this and will know, repost it please, i just want the post beeng seen by Bohemia Interactive developers.

Here is few my suggestions for improve Arma (Currently Arma 3).

The list will be easy and presice.


Squad Commanding:


 New commands:


  For any unit:

   Never fire //Mostly because of air.


  For infantry:

   Mark yourself

'        By smoke


         By cremlight


         By flare //Underbarrel grenade launcher

                 (Colors) ' //In the list present only what the unit have, maybe same for squad's in Hight Command.


  For air:

'  Fly heigh

         (Heigh list) //More is better; .

   Fly around area

         (Range list) //More is better;


                Counterclockware .


 Extisting commands

  For any unit:

   Suppresive fire //Order to make suppresive fire on designated area .



Hight command:

  Ability to change waypoints types on any what the game can provide.


 New abilities:

  https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/145561-vts-simple-gesture-commo-rose/ //(plus i very like how it's working with ai) Autor shood be proud.


  Interaction with word:

   Helicopters lifting is added vell, what about ground?

   https://youtu.be/77Bc1JSI3eA//Espesial 1:40-3:20,<- 3:00-3:20 '//If that can be introdused in game with same quality difference like "RAV Lifter" and Arma's 3 lifting ... .


Ai Hight command:


Ai suppresion.

Fast rope ability //Compatible with Ai in any role .


Truly yours.


ILIAS.BORT@yandex.ru .

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Chinese NAR-10 / CS/LR14 Tactical Assault Rifle




QBZ-97 flat-top Keymod Model and Custom Color Variant















A 7.62 battle rifle with GL and a 25 round mag. See Iranian Fateh. Sits between a new Marksmen rifles and the lighter assault rifles.




A Russian-esque Mutiple Grenade Launcher. Carried as secondary. In Launcher slot.


Armed open modern UAZs.


A light machine gun. Like a RPK. With drum mag. Rails and forehand grip.


Heavy zentico railed PKP MG.


Light AT Launcher where 4 rockets can kill at Tank or anti personal rockets. Longer range then a Grenade launcher.


New optical site



Tank x track amphibious support.


Fast attack vehicle. One for NATO and one for CSAT. Must have a AT launcher and an MG.


An APC with a Gunner.  Something like a modern M113.


An Armed truck. 50 Cal gunner.


2 plate carriers. One for a Machine Gunner and the other for a rifleman.


2 New backpacks. One that is for just CSAT factions. Medium capacity and Large.


An Anti-material rifle with AP and Explosive rounds.


Talon sword uav small. Deadly. Sneak into bases lay down MG fire.


Remote controlled car (RC) with C4 attached. Drive it in and Boom. See bad boys 2.


A Firescout UAV with maybe a MG and single rocket pod.


Medium VTOL


Heavy VTOL. Lift alot or troops or sling load a Tank.


New battle scope that maybe does something like see through walls


New Green hex camo for CSAT...for jungle. I rebuild a Hex texture from a  vehicle texture i saw from you guys but I did it in Jungle colours. Its vector and you can have it for free.


A New spec ops pistol.




More Chinese faces.


Chinese languages.


More Iranian faces...needs to look Middle Eastern. NATO has like 10 heads.


Combat aircraft for air dog fights.


Medium Transport helo with Door gunners. CSAT needs a ghosthawk type helo.


Single personal portable Mortar. Carrier by one soldier for indirect fire.


US Marines


Colt Modular Rifle




Custom Ar15 for US Marines



Chinese PLA


Portable one man mortar




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Hi there !


I don't know if this wish has been mentionned before, I guess yes because it's not a very bright idea, but it would be really nice, in order to enhance the simulation, if we could just let the primary weapon hang on chest when grabbing secondary weapon, or goggles, or anything else. It would mean add some slings on rifles I guess, although there are no slings for now, and we're still able to put rifles on back. Which is kind of weird because in case of unexpected contact with ennemies, it would probably take a lot longer to equip weapon and response to ennemy fire.


Anyway, I love Arma, I love BIS, and I love how involved the community is ! Keep up the good work guys !



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-Players getting killed will turn into a ragdoll, WHICH are pushed physically by the bullets or explosives.

-Players turn into ragdolls/semiragdoll (be able to shoot, just triggers no aiming) while still alive on any strong impact force. E.G. Hit by a car

-Bullets leave a short smoke trail / heat haze after each round

-Syncing steps with velocity of movement, currently players do moon walks when shifting from side to side like MJ

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Suggestions for D.U.S.T. so change some things of it in mind (`- N 6,..), but all of it would be great to see in arma, (+ D.U.S.T realistic abilities, Terapoly working fine, but i guies Bohemia Interactive have more resources to realizate the best, most realistic military simulator, + it have a base already)


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Hi, I have a suggestion to (at least in my opinion) improve third person:


Implement by default one of those scripts (or both), not as an option, by default:


-Deadfast: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/141101-deadfasts-third-person-view-for-arma-3/

-The Fourth Wall: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160075-the-fourth-wall/


This would make the game more realistic while still using third person. I think they are good scripts that could fix the game a lot, and people who play in first person will start playing with people who play in third person. Being deadfast customizable in the settings.

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Language filter so players have the option to not see or hear profanity, vulgarity, obscenity.

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-Proper weather system that supports snow and varying temperatures.

-Temperatures used to create fog breath in the cold and heat distortion on terrain, weapons and vehicles when it is hot, slightly limiting/distorting long range visibility. Also adds to immersion for playing on different maps. 



-AI make better use of buildings as cover/garrisoning and dont stare at walls when placed in buildingPos. Similar to Zenophons Occupy House script. 

-Better AI pathfinding

-AI throw hand grenades. Would love to see AI toss grenades in houses to flush people out.
-AI know when to use smoke/flares as a defensive/offensive tactic.. They throw/launch smoke grenades (flares at night to mess with NVG users and to mark targets) around players to disorient them and move in closer and also throw smoke while retreating or finding new cover.
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I think I've got a good one.


Any mission editor who wants to make a surrender script is tempted to make a check on fleeing and allowfleeing.


But it requires a fleeing check in a loop.


Why not an eventHandler? A very simple one, just _this select 0 = unit who's fleeing.


That's all!

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