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I'm looking for a teacher to help me learn

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Hi I'm looking for someone to help me make a kickass mission for my squad I have mild mental problems memory Loss ect but I'm perfectly normal I need someone with patience but I want to make something special for my friends how have been there for me for a long time please please please teach me your ways :p

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Best teachers:


Youtube Arma 3 Editing Tutorials like this one here

Arma 3 Mission editing and scripting forums here

Download and Unpbo simple existing missions and see how they are in the inside.

And for whatever you might need use google search.


In short, the best solution would be to:


start watching youtube videos,

learn the basics,

start editing and

then start a forum in the Misison editing and scripting subforum and place all your editing questions there.


A tip: Before you start editing your mission you need to design your mission in paper. Hypothesis, tasks, events, ending. Everything needs to be decided beforehand. Now these things might change while editing but without foundations editing is a lot harder.


Wish you manage to build your mission. For any questions feel free to ask and if and whenever I can I will answer.


Best of Wishes,






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