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Arma III APEX Gear List

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Hello there fellow Arma Player,

since I could not find any complete gear list for the Apex DLC (in a List-ish style), I simply created my own.

This is a List for all the equipable Gear (Weapons, Uniforms and so on) from the Apex DLC.

Like I said i didn't find any list like this one in the whole forum and not even on Google, so that's the purpose of this post. Fell free to add stuff to it if I've missed something.

I also will put a link to an .txt file in here for you to download.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/q8o397e4pmavndi/Apex Gear List.txt?dl=0

(No need to register or Login)


Sincerly, David Morningstar.





[Weapons - Rifles]
AK-12 GL
All CAR-95 Rifles
All CMR-76 Rifles
Cyrus 9.3mm
GM6 Lynx (Green Hex)
M320 LRR .408 (Tropic)
MX 3GL (Khaki)
MX 6.5mm (Khaki)
MX SW (khaki)
MXC (Khaki)
MXM (Khaki)
Protector 9mm
ALL SPAR-16/17 Rifles
Type 115


[Weapons - Launchers]
RPG-42 Alamut (Green Hex)
Titan MPRL (Green Hex)
Titan MPRL (Tropic)
Titan MPRL Compact (Green Hex)
Titan MPRL Compact (Tropic)

[Weapons - Pistols]
P07 9mm (Khaki)
PM 9mm



[Gear- Uniforms]
Bandit Clothes (All)
Casual Clothes (All)
Combat Fatigues (Tropic) and (Tropic, Tee)
CTRG Uniforms (All)
Fatigues (Green Hex) [CSAT]
Full Ghillie (Jungle) [CSAT] and [NATO]
Gendarmerie Uniforms (All)
Ghillie Suit (Green Hex) [CSAT]
Ghillie Suit (Tropic) [NATO]
Officer Fatigues (Green Hex) [CSAT]
Paramilitary Garb (All)
Recon Fatigues (Tropic)
Special Purpose Suit (All)
Sport Clothes (All)
Summer Clothes (All)
Syndikat Uniform


[Gear - Vests]
Carrier GL Rig (Tropic)
Carrier Lite (Green, No Flag) and (Tropic)
Carrier Rig (Green, No Flag) and (Tropic)
Carrier Special Rig (Tropic)
Gendarmerie Vest
LBV Grenadier Harness (Green Hex)
LBV Harness (Green Hex)
Slash Bandolier (Green Hex)
Tactical Chest Rig (Coyote), (Green) and (Olive)


[Gear - Backpacks]
Assault Pack (Tropic)
Bergen Backpack (Hex), (MTP), (Tropic) and (Digital)
Carryall Backpack (Green Hex)
Field Pack (Green Hex)
Viper Harness (All)
Viper Light Harness (All)


[Gear - Headgear]
Assasins Helmet (Green Hex)
Beret (Gendarmerie)
Booniehat (Tropic)
Crew Helmet (Green Hex) [CSAT]
Defender Helmet (Green Hex)
Enhanced Combat Helmet (Tropic)
Light Combat Helmet (Tropic)
Military Cap (Gendarmerie), (Green Hex) and (Tropic)
Protector Helmet (Green Hex)
Skate Helmet
Special Purpose Helmet (All)
Stealth Combat Helmet


[Gear - Facewear]
Stealth Balaclava (All)


[Gear - NVG]
All except NV Goggles (Brown, Black and Green)

[Gear - Binocolars]
Laser Designator (Green Hex and Khaki)


[Gear - Insignia]
CTRG (All)

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