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Sound Replacement Config /

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I am trying to get into that config replacement stuff.

At the moment i have a problem with sound replacement.

I am trying to give a Modgun a vanilla sound (P07), but cant get it done and iam running out of ideas how this could work else...

When launching Arma with my replacement config, i get the error "Undefined base class `Mode_SemiAuto'.

This is the code inside the CfgWeapons in my replacement config file:



class Pistol;    // External class reference
    class Pistol_Base_F : Pistol {
        class WeaponSlotsInfo;    // External class reference
    class Modgun : Pistol_Base_F {
    class Single : Mode_SemiAuto {

            sounds[] = {"StandardSound", "SilencedSound"};
            class BaseSoundModeType;    // External class reference
            class StandardSound : BaseSoundModeType {
                soundSetShot[] = {"P07_Shot_SoundSet","P07_Tail_SoundSet","P07_InteriorTail_SoundSet"};
            class SilencedSound : BaseSoundModeType {
                soundSetShot[] = {"P07_silencerShot_SoundSet","P07_silencerTail_SoundSet","P07_silencerInteriorTail_SoundSet"};



As far as i get it, you basically "overwrite" the initial mod config file with your replacement file.

It worked sofar with all parameters, except the sound

I have no clue where the class "Mode_SemiAuto" directs to.

It somehow works when i throw this code directly into the original mod config file, thats why i really dont understand why my replacement config with the same code wont....


I guess its a noob caused issue and hope you guys can help me out.

I can give more info if needed.


Sry for english mistakes & greets from Germany ;)

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