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With the new mine detector beeping more than your favorite astromech droid I'd thought I'd give it a more alien twist.

This script "converts" the mine detector into a basic motion detector. Warning, do not use in conjunction with actual mines... or do, your choice.



-Beeps and boops (Credit: BIS)


-Group members are detected but not so beepy.

-Only locomotion is detected, not waving away flies or checking your gun. A standard crawl will avoid detection though.

-Detects motion of vehicles too, not that you'd miss them at that range...


Known Issues:

-"Motion" can be a bit twitchy on the detector HUD.

-Friendly AI may spot and reveal their "motion trackers" so they won't beep. You can get around this by executing: {_x disableAI "MINEDETECTION";} forEach allUnits;



Should in theory work for both. I haven't had the time or manpower to test properly in MP.

Let me know if you find any issues.



1. Create "motionDetector.sqf" in your mission folder, for contents see below.
2. In init.sqf execute that sucker like so: 0 = [] execVM "motionDetector.sqf";

3. Put a mine detector in the player's hands.

4. Profit?


Future plans:

None, I threw this together real quick just for fun. If you want something added post the suggestion and we'll see.





if(!isDedicated) then {
	private _mineClass = "DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo";
	CMD_run = true;
	private _nearObjects = [];

	while { CMD_run } do {
		private _newObjects = (player nearEntities [["Man", "Air", "LandVehicle", "Ship"], 50]);

			private _mine = _x getVariable ["CMD_attachedMine", objNull];
			deleteVehicle _mine;
			_x setVariable ["CMD_attachedMine", nil];
		} forEach (_nearObjects-_newObjects);
		_nearObjects = _newObjects;

			if( !(player isEqualTo _x) && (vehicle _x isEqualTo _x) ) then {
				private _mine = _x getVariable ["CMD_attachedMine", objNull];
				if(abs speed _x >= 3) then {
					if(isNull _mine) then {
						_mine = _mineClass createVehicleLocal getPos _x;
						_mine attachTo [_x, [0,0,0]];
						_mine hideObject true;
						_x setVariable ["CMD_attachedMine", _mine];
						if(group _x isEqualTo group player) then {
							playerSide revealMine _mine;
				} else {
					if(!isNull _mine) then {
						detach _mine;
						deleteVehicle _mine;
		} forEach _nearObjects;
		sleep 0.1;




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