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[MP][1-21 Players] Random Shoot House Generator

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This mission generates a RANDOM maze and places enemies guards and other props throughout it so every round is different. Several wall types are used such as concrete, tin and various shoot house walls. It can support anywhere from 1 player up to 21 players, with 1 to 3 teams and scales the size of the maze based on the number of players.

There are also other configurable options to make every round unique:
- Less Walls: Deletes most of the walls in the maze to make it more of a fun random CQB map. Great for quick games against friends.
- No Guards: Turn off the spawning of AI so you and your friends can battle it out
- Arsenal: Allow players to select their own loadouts
- Pistols Only: Remove players and AI primary weapons
- Night Mode: Some guards get flashlights, so do players.
- NVGS: Equip players with NVGS
- No Camera Task: Last man standing instead of win by getting the camera.

Combine any of these options to create unique scenarios. They are used by enabling AI for the option in the multiplayer menu. While this mission can be played by 1 person only, it must be in a multiplayer setting.

The basic premise of the mission is you play as one of 3 news organizations: CNN, WSJ or FOX. You must get a camera containing damning footage of PewDiePie at any cost and bring it back to your HQ and ruin his YouTube career. There are AI guards that are protecting the camera and you can spawn as one of them as well. I would like to point out this mission's storyline is a meme and should NOT be taken seriously.

It is most fun when played with friends. This is a great training mission or a warmup before a big op. Lots of having to check your corners and being aware of every possible angle you can get shot from.

If you have any suggestions let me know, I will be updating this as my squad uses it on a regular basis. Eventually, I may try to generate different stairs to make it multilevel or rooms throughout. 





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