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Hakkar Logistics - looking for Operatives

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Good evening Ladies and gentlemen

Hakkar Logistics is a group that carries out small and medium operations in hostile envionrments, most of the operations
vary between convoy patrols, elimination missions, intel recovery, sabotage, humanitarian aid in conflicted zones.

Our unit is broken down to a similar way the Spartan army was structured with a few variants cuted out possitions to adapt it to our
operation methods in our current context:

(from top to bottom)
- Commander
- General
- Squad Leader
- Operative


We aim to keep our hierarchy as small as possible to make our operatives essential elements to our operations, motivate
them to become as versatile as possible in challenging situations. As our operations grow, it will be essential to have
some of this squadrons specialize in certain tasks, this groups will be assigned as we grow bigger and the operations
become more complex. This missions will be executed by a Zeus which is going to be the commander.


SPOKEN LANGUAGES: English and Spanish


Our unit is in control of the USS Phoenix, a carrier that is within Tanoan sea limits. After a biological all-out warfare between
world powers, the civilian population of the world suffered a 80% of casualties,governments crashed and now
the world is dying and the few of us who survived are determined to secure a livable environment for those survivors 
and find the root of the problem to weed it out, this will take us in alot of different kinds of missions and challenges, this successful missions will later be transcripted into written stories for our memories and hopefully videos.

Our supplies at the ship are limited and need to constantly find ammo and weapon depots to restock our inventory at the ship.


- We expect our operatives to stick to their roles and context of the scenario once the mission briefing has been given
by the commander. Anytime before or after the mission it is ok to goof around and/or be out of character.

- Respect your team mates

- 0 tolerance for trolls as well as 0 tolerance for snowflakes.

- Adhere to the communication etiquette during missions

- Problems with other players are to be discussed discretely with the commander of the unit.



FIND US HERE: https://units.arma3.com/unit/logics

If you wish to join or find out a little bit more, comment below for more information or contact me via Steam to have a chat; add me: mcguiver178




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