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Something different between 2 successive previews

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Here is a 2 cent remark about editor preview, and a question.


Edit in Vanilla 1.76

place a BLUFOR weapon squad on a map (standard group in editor, 8 units)

Just delete some units (even odd, or what you want), say delete 2,5,6,7


Run preview

You are leader (player is by default and I didn't change that)

Your group is now: you, 3, 4, 8

exit to editor. Don't change anything

Rerun preview

your group is now: you, 2, 3, 4 (with the same units, only the number has changed)


Nothing important, "severity" to none, I admit.

But my question is:


What's difference between 1st preview (when you've done these deletions) and the further ones? So, is there any other things, for which the preview (but save mission also) could change? Is it specific to deletion of objects? how deep?


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