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Heya guys 

this will probably make me sound like a big pleb, but I'm a huge fan of Arma along with my mates.. lately we've been planning to make our very own server/map/missions.So I was wondering if you guys can help me...
I've been trying to make my own map but im having great difficulty doing so, I've been following a tutorial step by step using L3DT and terrrain builder, but when I get into bulldozer all the textures are grey...

I was wondering if anyone has a good tutorial they follow, or a easier way to make a map or know where I can get a plain flat map and bulldoze my way from there or even give up the time to make  plain map that I bulldoze my way from there  (willing to pay for your time)...

Sorry if this isn't the right place to post



Ps I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times

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