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Malden 2035 topographic map

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I just received Malden 1:25000 printed map from the BI Store.

The printed producuct is OK, but in fact, it's not what I was waiting for.

Of course, I must have pay close attention to the not so small print telling "Malden Islands tourist maps".

This map is NOT a topographic map, usable for tactical military operations.

And even if the description is telling  " ... Did you ever want to get your bearings without having to pause the game? ..." the printed background is too dark for that purpose.

This map only use is " ... the ultimate Arma 3 souvenir to hang on your wall ... "!


The TOPOGRAPHY code is still present but not working.


So, I am back to patiently stitching screenshots in order to get a map for operational use.


Has someone done the job already  ?

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Thanks for the help!  :icon_cool:

It's what I was looking for ...

Now I can edit I can edit this background map to add the names.


Note : before posting I made many attempts with " topography " following (or believing I was following) what was said on the BiKi without any result.

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