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Custom helicopter flight mechanics?

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Short story

Is there any way of not only modding the (AFM) flight model parameters of helicopters but replace the physics model as well? Like an "Custom Flight Model".


Long story

I know Arma is not a flight sim and with a different audience but after flying the Huey and Gazelle in DCS for over a year, as well as trying my hands on a R22 in real life, I cannot for my life fly in ArmA anymore.


The flight model of most helicopters in ArmA (even with the AFM) is right in the uncanny valley between console and realistic making it the wrong kind of difficult to fly. It feels like the helicopters have the wrong mass/momentum, the rotors don't bite into the air, the engines feel weak, the behaviour is "unpredictable" because the feedback cues aren't really there. With a good simulation and a bit of knowledge of the physics of helicopters you *know* what it will do, when and why - you can feel it - it becomes predictable, natural and almost easy to fly. It's joyful.


  • The UH-80 tilts to the right at takeoff and through the whole flight envelope making me push the stick hard left all the time (that is not how a helicopter works), it's sluggish as hell (not that I have ever flown a real blackhawk) and the tail rotor is either a desktop fan or a jet engine.
  • The *H-9 feels like it has an engine made out of rubberbands, paper and glue.
  • The Huron is OK but breaks down in fire and pain if you look at it funny. Can't do a perfect touchdown like this at 70kph without everything breaking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2taHRbdesV8
  • And the damn *'splode, 'splode, 'splode* damage model. "Oops, well any landing you can walk away from... - nope *'splode*".


I used to love flying in ArmA, now I hate it and I want it to be fun like it once was 18 months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lam9_lqVv78


Is there any work going into improving helicopters or can we mod ourselves out of this?

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