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Y-32 Xi'an huge issues

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Hello guys, hope you're having a good day.


  • Throttle turns to 100% when wheels touch the ground
    • You can't land without turning off the engine
    • You can't start the engine and be ready for take off, you have to turn on the engine when you want to fly away


Alright so I came across this huge problem, whenever I try to land the Y-32 Xi'an the throttle goes to 100%... When I start the engine the throttle goes to 100% as well... Now this wouldn't be a problem if it was possible to turn it down before they come to full power, however it doesn't respond to throttle controls until the wheels are off the ground. This means that I can't turn on the engine and stand on the ground and wait to transport etc.


Anyways incase you don't understand what I'm talking about I created a video about the problem: 


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