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Shadows look weird on structure SOLVED

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Hello everyone,


I recently made a model of a small house using Rhino 5 (easier to use, IMO) and Blender, successfully exporting the file as a .p3d and then crunching it with pboProject without issues.

At first, this model was just the geometry and didn't have any way to interact with the world, so I added a roadway, land contact, and a shadow Volume, basing all of them on my rhino model.






Shadow volume: 



I chose a simple polysurface because I thought that was the problem. The volume is closed, according to Rhino.

landcontact and roadway work fine, but Shadowvolume creates weird a weird shadow that appears to be another 3d object.


Final result:




I can't figure out what's wrong. The shadow seems to behave like a 3D object that's beneath the ground, and only produces shadows from one side.





Anyone knows what could be happening here?

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On 11/9/2017 at 5:58 PM, opteryx said:

Try triangulating the Shadow LOD mesh.


Thank you! 



I triangulated both Shadow LOD meshes and then closed them, and it's working fine. The shadow appears too sharp compared to other buildings, but I think I can change that on my own.

For reference if someone looks at this thread for the same problem:

In object builder, select your shadowVolume mesh, then go to Structure -> triangulate and make sure all your faces have been divided into triangles. If done correctly, ALL faces should be divided into triangles, and all faces should be visible.
Then in structure->topology->close

Then triangulate again, for good measure.

That should help.

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