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kOepi (DayZ)

looking for mission maker for alternative semi-persistent seeder mission

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Hello mission makers,


I hereby want to gain attention for a project of mine introducing a new level of gameplay and community existence.
Looking for a mission maker, in this case, would need that person to agree with intention of the concept that I am going to propose,
probably more than in most other contexts.

The unit will be a virtual unit with its mission being primarily infantry and air-assault, coop and TvT, the more people will join, the more missions we can cover.

What is different to other units? a lot, in regards of ranks, roles, code of conduct and chain-of-command. Presenting all the details here would definitely change the nature of this post.

The core mission of this unit will be a seeder mission with main and side objectives, semi-persistence in regards to equipment and mission progress, largely focusing on patrol operations.
In comparison to what I know in the communities and missions, it is leaned on the old Patrol ops from ArmA 2 and can be considered the most hardcore and most immersive.
The core mission does not have to be build from scratch, it can be ported from an existing framework ( like ALIVE ) or a similar mission type.

All the details about most of the modpack and mission properties are concluded in the following sheet:


Your current level of mission making is not important to me, as long as you can imagine ( and want ) to adapt to the essential concept and are able to dedicate yourself to the idea.
I also can imagine having more than one mission maker, I will not be able to determine who is going to be the best for this idea, because that will largely depend on attitude and self-motivation which
reveals only on a long-term basis.

Anyone interested, give me a shout via PM here and we see what we can make out of it.

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