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I have an Idea, that would love some sparring on.
I also don't have the necessary skills to make it, some i'm also looking for someone to partner up with on this.

My idea is for my unit. As with many units, having a steady percentage of people coming every time tends to be very hard to be succesfull in.
So we had this idea, that if there was something on the line, something to work towards and become better in, than perhaps people would be more inclined to show up every time, instead of every other time.


What I was thinking, is a mod, or script that had some kind of leveling system or points system. Enough points - awarded by completed missions, kills etc, gives the ability to unluck better stamina, aiming etc. Not gear, armor, vehicles or weapons, but skills that improve your ingame characters physical performance.
The realistic part for me, is that in real life, experience also has an big effect on your performance. There more an soldier evoles from recruit life into a professionel soldier and even further, he/she gets better at all kinds of stuff. No one starts of being a perfect soldier. And if we could somehow take the real life experience and turn it into a cool system in Arma, I know my unit - and I'm sure many other units - would use this system.

The mod/script wouldn't be for online use, other than in closed groups, because in open multiplayer sessions, i don't believe it would work.

What I am looking for in regards of sparring is
- Suggestions to skills one could "level up"

- Ideas on how to create this

- Thoughts on what would work, what would not


And as previously mentioned, I'm would love for someone to come forward, wanting to be part of it, creating it. Any help would be great.

I know some of you wont like this kinda of system in Arma, so people thinking that, don't need to raise their voices.


Looking forward to input though - Kenny

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