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Is there a mod which fixed the Blackfish

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Yes, I know the blackfish AI isn't very good, and it won't properly circle a target to bring its guns to bear on its own.

I used a loiter waypoint, set it to CIRCLE_L so that it circles with its guns facing inward, and set the loiter radius to 2km, so that it had some proper standoff range.

I made the gunner positions playable so that player can fire the guns while the AI flies its big circles.

Due to somewhat proper physics and the aircraft's forward velocity, all the rounds impact to the right of where the camera is pointing - but there's a CCIP, so thats not a major issue at first. The problem is that as one zooms in (such as one might when engaging from longer ranges), the impact point is so far to the right, that its off the screen/ outside of the FOV.

The aim point of the guns needs to be offset some degrees to the left to allow the guns to be used when the sights are fully zoomed in. Full zoom isn't very useful when you can't even aim at your target when using it (sure, you can zoom in to get a better look, then zoom back out and fire, but that's a bit lame). Setting the waypoint speed to limited made the aircraft fly to slow that it kept switching back and forth between vertical and horizontal thrust vectors. The flight path became very unstable, and it was hard to engage any targets like that. The black fish shouldn't require a human pilot to bring the VTOL to a hover to allow the use of its guns at long ranges.


I also tried using the modified loiter waypoints to have an AI only blackfish provide fire support. It would not engage any infantry. It would however engage APCs and offroad+HMGs. Unfortunately, it only seemed to use the 40mm cannon, and the 2nd gunner (with the 105mm and 20mm guns) didn't seem to fire anything.


Is there any mod out there that offsets the aim point of the guns to allow the guns to be used when the sights are fully zoomed in and the plane is flying at normal speed?

Is there any mod out there that modifies the AI so that it will consider using the 20mm or 105mm against infantry/apcs/cars? Is there any mod out there that improves the AI gunners ability to spot infantry targets?

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awesome.... that auto-lead function sounds exactly like what I was hoping for... I wouldn't have guessed it from the title of the mod, but great!

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