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Pascal F.

[Recruiting] [EU] 501st Infantry Regiment

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501st Infantry Regiment

The 501st IR was created in June of 2017 by a group of men & woman with the goal to create a U.S. Army Realism unit with the same quality and feel of some of the great American units out there, but specifically in range for most European time zones.


EU Based Milsim Unit

A European Time Zone (CET) Realism Unit based on the US Army Airborne.

That’s unique on it's own! The 501st IR conducts operations every Wednesday and Sunday starting from 19:30 to 22:30 Central European Time. Our mission makers create specific campaigns and scenarios for our members to enjoy with an ever developing storyline.


OSUT (One Station Unit Training)

A training schedule set up so everyone will be able to join our ARMA 3 unit as a trained soldier, based on real tactics and theory from the U.S. Army mixed with in-game mechanics. Completely new to Arma 3 and/or realism gaming? Our instructors will spend all the time necessary to get you up to speed with how we do things in the 501st. When you have passed the OSUT you have the option to either join the Infantry or apply for any of the open Billets such as Combat Medic, Pilot etc. You'll also be able to join the Unit Staff (if there are openings). Perhaps you`ll be our next Instructor!


Why you should join the 501st

Our aim is and will always be to give each individual player the experience of having your own billet/function and team which you conduct operations, exercises and trainings with, which usually result in some fantastic experiences and friendship along the way.


Want to know more about the unit or interested in joining?

Apply Now!




~ CW4 Pascal F.

S-2 Public Relations | S-4 Technical










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