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Boats in ArmA 3

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Hello All,


I’ve recently started developing a British boat, the Rigid Raider Mk.1. However, after playing around with a range of boats in ArmA 3, I feel the maritime aspect of ArmA is very lacking. I’ve researched if it is possible to apply the throttle of aircraft onto boats, as that is how it is in real life, but this is not possible due to limitations for boats.


My question for the developers is, do you intend to change the way boats manoeuvre? Currently, when you press your accelerator key (W), the engine increases speed and when you release, decreases back to 0. In my opinion, it should be the same as the aircraft in ArmA, as to where you have a throttle control between 0-100. So, when you hold W, and release, it will stay at that value.

What're people’s thoughts?

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Hi, I was wondering if you got around to finishing this Rigid Raider?

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