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[SOLVED] Hotfix 1.74 - Broke my dedicated server

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Hi, thanks for deciding to read me issue, so let's get started.

I used to use my dedicated server to host the game and then play on it with my friends (dedicated server was hosting on the same pc as I'm playing on) and there was no issue with that. After a long time of playing, we took a break from Arma 3 around the begging of August.Now we came back and I see that there was an update more or less related to the Arma 3 Dedicated Servers, which broke my dedicated server - I'm using TADST and Arma 3 Dedicated Server from Steam Tools to host the server.

Problem is that when I launch the server (server says that server launched properly) I can't see it on LAN, neither on the Internet - Direct Connection also doesn't work. All my ports are forwarded as they were before, the server is the same as before because I didn't change any options and yet before it worked and now it doesn't.

Please, if you know any advices or ways to fix it and to be able to play again with dedicated server please share them with us

https://pastebin.com/jpi0tkQx  - Log from RPT file

https://imgur.com/uFCix7y - Picture of server window 

@EDIT: SOLVED: There was a problem with server version, steam didn't update it by itself.

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