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5th Special Forces Group | MilSim | 16+ - Now Recruiting!

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About Us

5th SFG MilSim is one of the most authentic, active, and honorable units to ever present themselves to the community. We understand what it  truly mean to have fun and have a MilSim experience worth sharing. We have created lifelong friendships through our message of brotherhood, loyalty, and respect.

We aim to continue that tradition in 2017.


Requirements to join

1. Candidate must be 16 years old at the time of enlistment.
2. Candidate must be fluent in English.
3. Candidate must own a working microphone and have TeamSpeak.
4. Candidate must own ArmA 3 with APEX DLC
5. Candidate must be able to meet necessary training schedule.
6. Candidate must be able to download supported unit specific mods.
7. Candidate must be in good standing with the 5th Special Forces Group
8. If you have questions, please feel free to contact a recruiter.


Open Positions

18X - Special Forces Candidate
18D - Medical Sergeant
18E - Communications Sergeant
153A - 160th SOAR Pilot
18C - Engineering Sergeant

We need loyal members who want to help 5th SFG be the best!


Special Warfare Schools

U.S. Army Sniper School
Special Operations Recon Course
Basic Leadership Course
Warrior Leadership Course
Pathfinder School
Special Operations Combat Medic
Military Free Fall
Land Navigation
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Training
Air Assault School
Airborne School


What We Offer

We understand there are lots of units out there to choose from. We differentiate ourselves by wanting QUALITY not QUANTITY. We expect you to want to be here and to be the best person you can be while wearing our patch.

Dedicated Server
Detailed Roster
Weekly Operations
Joint Operations


Contact Us

Website: http://www.SFMilSim.us
TeamSpeak: ts3.SFMilSim.us
Alternate Teamspeak Link: 

Join Today

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