345th Soviet Uniforms Mod   Thank you for checking out this page. I'm from the 345th SGVAR Arma Unit. We have made some equipment for our latest campaign, and we would like to share it with everyone, due to the unexpectedly high quality.
It is a bunch of 1970/80's Soviet equipment. We are a VDV unit at the core but we will also add equipment from other branches soon! We're super hyped to see various mod teams working on more Cold War content.     Features: This mod contains uniforms, vests, backpacks and headgear to recreate the Soviet Armed Forces of the 1970s and 1980s Cold War Period. All uniforms/gear are compatible with Red Hammer Studios style uniforms and gear.   This mod currently contains VDV and VMF equipment, but other branches are on the way. It also includes “roleplay” uniform variations that we use within the 345th SGVAR Arma 3 Unit. If you would like a slimmed down version of this pack that does not include rank shoulder boards, I suggest you download the Soviet Armed Forces mod, which will soon be updated!
Future Plans & Bugfixes: We plan to include full sets of Motor Rifle (MSV), and Tank/Artillery equipment – including unique uniforms  with rank variations, and unique service-appropriate gear with class variations. The mod is currently progressing rapidly, so expect regular updates. Please report any bugs you encounter here in the thread.   Mod Contains: Full Set of M69 Field Uniforms (VDV), with ranks Ryadovoy to Major. Full set of M69 Barracks Uniforms (VDV), with ranks Ryadovoy to Major. Full set of M69 Uniforms (VMF), with ranks Ryadovoy to Major. RD-54 Desentnik Backpack (With Variations) RD-54 Desentnik Radio (TFAR) RD-54 Backpack Pouches (With Variations)  VDV Berets (Officer and Soldier) + VDV Jump Helmet VMF Berets (Officer and Soldier)     Steam Workshop Download - 345th Soviet Uniforms Mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1111540071 Steam Workshop Download - Soviet Armed Forces http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=716518271 Dependencies: RHSAFRF and NI Arms AK are required.   Credits: Basher (from IFA3 Lite and Soviet Armed Forces Mod) - Basher did all the imports and 90% of the bug fixes. Xeno (from IFA3 Lite and Forgotten Fronts) - 3D models, rigs/skin's and textures. Aleksei - Quality control, texture streamlining and reference models. Staines (345th SGVAR Co-Founder) - Moral support and research (useless ;) ).
Thank you to RHS and NI Arms teams for your wonderful weapons.