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Stealth Ghillie 1.1



This mod changes the player's camouflage value who wears any standard ghillie suit. If you wear any addon ghillie, the mod won't change your value (yet).

From my experience, the AI does not care about your ghillie suit, he will spot you from 20-30m away while you on the ground in the forest. But this mod adds some realism to the ghillie suits.

If you find that in some situation your value seems not right (AI spots you/not spots you), just write a comment plus what sitation you were in.

Works in all side (blufor, opfor, independent, civilian).


No addons required.


Tested in SP, hosted server with 2 players and dedicated server.



  • Player's stance (stand, crouch, prone)
  • Player's speed
  • Terrain (meadow, forest, tree)
  • Night






Steam workshop


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Update: added developer mode setting in the cba settings menu.

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