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J. Petit

Arma 3 Locked Itself behing Admin.

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So I was recently messing around with missions in Arma and wanted to make a custom billboard with a custom texture. I typed in this code in the init value: 

this setObjectTexture [0, "YOURPICTURENAME.jpg"]

Obviously I replaced "YOURPICTURENAME.jpg" with the correct picture. I then proceed to run the scenario and the game crashes giving me this error: 


I then proceed to re-launch the game, but then I find out that Battle Eye Blocked the loading of steam. Weird. I uninstall and re-installed Battle Eye thinking something was wrong. Nope still did the error. So next I validate game cache and files. 100% all files validated. I proceed to uninstall and re-install arma. But during the re-install I see that the download is stopped with the error of Content File Locked. I find the file that is locked and try to delete it but cannot. The file is "arma3_x64.exe". Somehow it managed to lock itself preventing me from deleting or renaming the file. I have tried claiming ownership of the file and it hasn't worked. I have tried "command prompt delete", "takeown" and "ifacls" to no avail. So now I am stuck with steam not being able to finish downloading Arma and the file being locked without me being able to delete it. 

Thank you in advance.

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I Have Solved It!

Had to reboot into safe mode and delete it from there!

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