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Tactical AK-74 With Magpul Gear fixed version by Reptilienski

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This is the Tactical AK-74 With Magpul Gear original made by hotshotmike1001 back in 2013 ,orignal post here:https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/159757-tactical-ak-74-with-magpul-gear/. Unfortunately Mike himself became non-actviated on Arma3 since 2015 and left many his weapon made un-fixed with lack of new sound effect and some features, so I made a fixed version of one of his AK-74 mod here, all credits to the orignal modder hotshotmike1001

The thing I fixed:
-fixed non-weapon sound issue since the update after 1.24
-added compatibility for ACE3 visable laser pointer(need to have ACE3 installed if you want to use this feature)
-added mod icon made by myself
-change the weapon sounds for better feeling in game(firing sound, reload sound, change mode sound etc)
-all others remain unchanged, for future testing

Know issue: An pop up window would showed when choose this weapon from Arsenal about "RHS" if you use this mod with RHS, but so far it is not really effect to any futures about the weapon, just ignore it now, I would fixed it when I find the reason.

Future plans:
-Fixed other weapons that long abandoned by the orignal makers
-maybe change some of the weapon models and animation if I could found my team one man who could did it(Yes I am asking for help)
-add some other useful features
-if possible, found the orignal makers

Please report any bugs you found and enjoy.


Workshop Link:








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On 8/27/2017 at 2:56 PM, ProfTournesol said:

Without the author consent, you cannot 'fix' his job.




It's on the Steam workshop now with 300 subscribers, creator rights/powers long gone. Sadly.


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