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The long watch

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Mission summary:

  • Mission name: The long watch
  • Mission type: Coop combat patrol
  • Maximum player number: 14
  • Supported world island(s): Malden 2035, Tanoa, etc.



  • Virtual Arsenal
  • Dynamic Groups
  • Auto-scaling of enemy troop strenght with connected player numbers
  • Medical and revive system
  • Mission parameters changeable for servers



The long watch is a ArmA 3 combat patrol mission which mainly puts the focus on infantry combat and teamwork. A dynamic mission assignment is generated for the players to complete (for example, destroy something, download, support, scout, etc.). The next step is for the players to reach the exfil point to finish the mission.

You can create a dynamic group by pressing the U key and invite players to your group, or join an existing group.

The default medical and revive system is enabled, you will need a medikit or field aid kit to revive a downed team member, medics have a massive speed modifier to revive.

Some mission types will have civilians present, so be carefull what you shoot at. Killing civilians can result in a mission failure.

The mission requires players to work together to complete the mission.

You can test the mission on our server and I will also add the mission file to my Steam Workshop and Play with Six repository. Please leave any feedback here, if you want to .

Server IP:Port

Steam Workshop link for Malden 2035 version: The long watch Malden 2035

Steam Workshop link for Altis version: The long watch Altis

Steam Workshop link for Tanoa version: The long watch Tanoa


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Updated links for Tanoa and Altis versions

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just gave it a quick try with one buddy. used tfar and ace and had no issues. I am saying that because the original Combat Patrol did not work with tfar when we last tried it.


We played through one mission where we had to laser designate vtols. Second mission we got was laser designate bunkers. Hopefully next time the dice roll will give us more variety ;)


thx for sharing :)

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Thank you!


The mission will try to integrate loaded mods automatically, as long as they follow BI specifications. I can not guarantee that every available mod will work, of course, but most vehicle/weapon mods should be no problem.


The long watch mission type is combat patrol, it shares none of the code from BI Combat Patrol.


At the moment, there are several mission assignment templates, which are chosen at random. Getting two laser designate mission following each other, is really only something that the god of randomness is responsible for ;-) .

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I have added versions for Tanoa and Altis of The long watch. The Steam workshop links are in the first post of this thread.

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