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Morning lads.


So finally I've gotten time and came round to getting back on track with making custom markers.


I'm currently in the process of making all Blufor, Opfor, Neutral, and Unknown markers from the "App-6aHandbook, a .pdf formated "Land component handbook" from the British Army of what

all standard Nato markers are as of up till today.

The photoshopping, and editing as a whole isn't a problem. My problem lays with actually getting them into Arma 3 as a mod in which people can use an place down these markers on the map either in

the editor or while in-game. 


Any light shedded on how to do so would be great.

I've seen this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/armadev/comments/1mfb0l/idiots_guide_to_making_a_custom_marker/ ,followed it, and still managed to not get anywhere.


If someone could possibly just list In a step to step guide of how to do so I'd appreciate it.


Cheers in advanced. 

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