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[US/EU] 116th Infantry Regiment [Iron Front MilSim]

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Welcome to Virginia, the Mother of the Presidents.


Inside of Fort Belvoir resides the pride of the Army, the 116th Infantry Regiment. Become a part of a community of enthusiastic ArmA 3 players in a WW2 setting.


What can you expect with us ?


The 116th promises wonderful holidays on the coasts and deserts of North Africa, fighting back waves and waves of the most fearsome Soldiers Rommel can throw at us ! But what if the African Summer Sun is too hot for you ? What if you want something more like Florida ? No problem ! Join with the boys and land on the beaches of Sicily, and maybe even get yourself a hot Italian woman ! Or maybe you’re a northern boy and like it more rainey and with more forests ? No problem either ! Join our boys and storm the beaches of Normandy and chase the Nazi’s all the way back to the Elbe (that’s almost at Berlin !) The 116th has everything and more for the best of their soldiers !




What we promise ?


Experienced Staff

Joining from a variety of other MilSim groups we provide you with one of the most experienced Staff you can find !


Variety of Mods

From Task Force Radio, to ACE and Iron Fronts: Liberation, we provide a unique selection of mods that are immersive and work greatly together !


Authentic Ranks and Medals

Show that you’re the best and rank up, earn medals and lead your own squad manned by real people !


Realistic Scenarios

Inspired by real historical events, be a part of the Normandy landings or the fight for Italy !



Join a squad and immerse yourself in the way US soldiers formed friends and brotherhood !


BCTs and Trainings

We host a variety of Trainings to help the players understand what their part in the team is, and what roles they have to fulfill !


Various Classes and Specialists

RTO, Medic, Marksman, AT Rifleman, Machine Gunner, Grenadier, etc. All waiting for you to be filled !

You’re interested in Armour and Aviation ? Stick around and become our number one choice for the Pilots and Tank Crews !


The 116th is an open and friendly community. People of all backgrounds and nationalities are free to become a part of our community. The only thing we require is a sense of teamplay, fairness, and friendliness.


What we require


> Working Microphone

> Willingness to play in a Team

> Must speak English

> Legal and working Version of ArmA 3

> Enthusiasm about WW2






Operations, BCT and Trainings: Friday till Sunday

Smaller Operations and Missions: Monday till Thursday




How can you apply ?


Join our Teamspeak at:

Then apply to our Steam group at: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/116thIR

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