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In the need of help for my music addon

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Hey there,  CP here.


I started creating my own mod which includes music for my mission. However, it looks like i set everything up correctly, but well, the RPT shows me, that the music is not found. ("Music music0 not found")

Path of my Soundfile is "@console\Ambient.pbo\music\Soundtrack_0.ogg"





CfgMusic in config.cpp

class CfgMusic    
// List of tracks (.ogg files without the .ogg extension)
tracks[] = {"music0"};

class music0
	name = "music0"; // Name for mission editor
	sound[] = {"\Ambient\music\Soundtrack_0.ogg", db + 0, 1.0};



I am using the command "Playmusic "music0";"


CfgPatches is also included.

As far as I know, I dont need to include the cfgMusic in the description.ext, but I could be wrong here.

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