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1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion | AAF Milsim Unit

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1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion  



Who We Are

The 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion is a Altian military simulation unit aiming to provide an accurate and professional portrayal of the Altian Armed Forces. The 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion has also taken massive strides towards implementing accurate doctrine and realistic training. Our unit also adheres to strict disciplinary guidelines while still adapting to the real lives of our members
outside of how we operate, the 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion is the culmination of numerous different assets within the Altian Armed Forces. We consist of a regular infantry element, a reconsaince element, and a aviation element. All these elements operate either together or separately to complete a wide variety of different objectives within our operations, with care being taken to try and diversify the scope of the missions our unit partakes in.
How We Work
In following our pledge towards realistic and accurate milsim, the 1st Royal Altian Marine Battalion holds its training and operations to a high standard. To elaborate, operations are oriented around realistic scenarios, while our training program has been developed to provide enlistees with the necessary tools and skills needed to excel in combat. The operations and trainings are not conducted on a daily basis, and are generally rotated on a semi-flexible schedule



  • Must be 16+ (No Exceptions)
  • Must be mature and have a professional attitude
  • Must be willing to follow the chain of command
  • Must own a legal copy of ArmA 3
  • Must be willing to dedicate time towards the unit, as it shall to you
  • Must be able to make at least one unit event a week unless excused
  • Must complete the training process in the required time frame
  • Must maintain respect for yourself and others at all times


How Do I Join?

Joining is a very simple process; it can be done by finding a recruiter, who can be found on our teamspeak at
Or alternatively, please reference our website at
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