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Destroying default map objects as part of a mission.

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Tried to do a search, and found alot of different things but could not to what i saw, find something spesificly like this. 

So, down to business...


First of all, go to the "Debug Console" in the "Tools" menu you have in your Eden 3D editor.
Type in the following:

do3DENAction "ToggleMapIDs";

..and press the "LOCAL EXEC" button. This will show you all the object IDs to all default map objects (once you have zoomed in close enough), such as radio towers, buildings, bridges, bushes, trees so on and so forth etc. etc. etc. Run it again to turn it off again.

Now, I’ll type up an example on how to blow up a default radio tower on a map, and get a trigger to register this as part of your mission.

Step 1:
Find yourself a suitable target, in our case - a radio tower on the map by default. 

Step 2:
Place a "Game Logic" on top or near it, from "Objects" in the "Logic Entities" selection (F5 (Systems) --> Logic Entities --> Objects --> Game Logic).

Step 3:

In that the "Game Logic" init field, type as an example:

Target1 = (getPos this nearestObject 224112);

// Target 1 is what the "Variable name" will be.
// 224112 is the object ID of that specific radio tower/object, now visible on the map, from running the code at the top of this post in your debug console.

Step 4:

Place a trigger. In its "Condition" field, type this:

!Alive Target1;

..and to check that this works, you can type this in the "On Activation" field:

Hint "Tower Destroyed!";


Step 5:
Now, place your charges - or whatever means you wish to destroy said tower/object - and the trigger should fire once its destroyed. 

I needed this, and have been through several posts to find "bits and pieces" of what i needed to make this - hoping it will help others as much as it has me :)

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