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Firing range

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In firing range, would it be possible to make a system to spawn human unarmed:


- choice of range (up to 1 km)

- choice of no armor / armor 1 / armor 2


I know it exists in arma 3, but as it seems ballistic is not the same, it could be interesting :)




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You can also use the Editor and make your own Firing range if you want.



You will get the same result. Ho and btw if you want my scenario I've uploaded here : Clic me ( mega link )

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6 hours ago, loopdk said:

Lt master... what map is it

. . . Heu... The only map you can play in Argo.... ?


4 hours ago, flyingcoyotus said:



I already did, but it could be fine to add it to the firing range of the game ;)


But i'm not good enough in dev to make my own respawn system and choose range/type of armor





In A3 i used this:






In my version you are shooting on some IA. However they can't move and you have infinite ammo. That's what I'm using to see how the armor react or how bullet penetration work in practice ^^.


In Argo you can also use scripts. Tons of people have shared a lot of usefull things. Even some old scripts from arma 2 should work I think. And you also have the official wiki if you want :


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