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Dagger Scopes, Weapons, Ammunition and Gear

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Hi @War-1st


Sorry for my late reply, would you mind please redirect the conversation to the mod's Steam page?



Answering your question, you can use and disable this feature. Just go to addon options and search for advanced ballistics and scopes.

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Hello sir,


I have been using your mod with my unit for a very long time indeed, we absolutely love it.

Recently we have started taking night ops a bit more seriously and we use a mod which adds IR Illuminator functionality to vanilla and RHS attachments.

I would like to keep using your rifles during night ops but the attachments available don't seem to be compatible with that functionality.

Is there a way you could easily add compatibility with the vanilla lasers and flashlights at the very least?

I tried reaching you about this but I seem to have been blocked lol.


Thank you for your time.

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