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Making Cargo Animation Smooth

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I'm looking for help making an animation look nice.


I've got a scenario where players have the option (via action menu) to jump down from a wall thats about 5m height.

I've found the animation for jumping from the back of the cargo truck which fits in nicely:




The problem is that the animation doesn't start from a point an jump forward.

Rather, it starts at the end-point, teleports the player back and up and then starts the jump animation. 


Now naturally I've worked out the right sort of distance and height the jump occurs from so I can just teleport the player to the end-point and initiate the animation.

However, the teleport is noticable, and it looks...well kind of awful.



I'm hoping somebody has a method of overcoming this or perhaps knows of a different way that doesn't use this particular animation.



Here's what I have so far:


/////////////////// FIND INFO ABOUT UNIT ///////////////////

	_unit = (_this select 0);
	_bearing = getDir _unit;
	_startPosATL = getPosATL _unit;

/////////////////// ASSESS JUMP VIABILITY ///////////////////

	_jumpDistanceLateral = 1.75;
	_startHeight = _startPosATL select 2;
	_endHeight = 0;

	_jumpEndPoint = [_startPosATL,_jumpDistanceLateral,_bearing] call BIS_fnc_relPos;
	_jumpEndPoint set [2,2.6];

	_lineStartZ = (_startPosATL select 2) + 0.5;
	_lineEndZ = 0.5;
	_lineStart = [_startPosATL select 0, _startPosATL select 1,_lineStartZ];
	_lineEnd = [_jumpEndPoint select 0, _jumpEndPoint select 1,_lineEndZ];


And then:


	if (!lineIntersects [_lineStart,_lineEnd]) then 


					_cam switchCamera "Internal";
					camUseNVG true;
					sleep 0.5;
					setAccTime 0.1;
					_unit allowDamage false;

					_unit switchMove "AcrgPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_getOutHigh";
					_unit setPosATL _jumpEndPoint;

	sleep 3;
	_unit allowDamage true;
	setAccTime 1;
	player switchCamera "internal";
	camDestroy _cam;


Note that the camera and time slowing is just so I can observe what it looks like from the point of view of someone else.

YES this mission is multi-player so I can't just ignore it and stick to first person.
YES I have run the sequence with time ACC set to 1.0 and yes the teleport is still visible at this speed.

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