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Dj Rolnik

Player-placed objects mid-mission

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Hey all,


Apologies if this has been answered already, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.


I am curious to know if there is any possibility to allow players to place objects on the ground mid-mission. The reason for that is that I am planning to make a checkpoint control mission and was thinking of potentially giving players an option to place bar gates by themselves, similar to bunkers or some sandbags. That would simulate them building a few elements of the checkpoint and placing the objects in the way they want it. Potentially done by an addAction maybe?


I appreciate if the effort is not worth it - I am just curious to know if that's even possible by any means that would provide a nice and relatively fluent experience without having to tweak the object for 10 minutes.


Thanks all :)


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Wow, this looks exactly like what I need! I will check this out today, thanks!


Confirmed - works like a charm!

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