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Hey, guys, I have made an edited version of "Escape from Malden" and could do with a little help please as I have run into a small problem.

I haven't changed much at all with the mission itself apart from changing the respawn time from 30 to 20 seconds and added RHS factions for both

BLUFOR and OPFOR also by making the mission from 10 to 20 players. I also put the men who the players spawn as in groups of 3 as we are a unit

and we work in groups of 5, 1 leader with 4 players.

The problem is, once anyone dies it keeps stopping the mission with "mission failed" even though it's set at 50 respawns for the group! if anyone dies

OR force respawns it then says mission failed, too many friendly casualties or something like that.

One other thing is, this happens to the normal version of "Escape from Malden" also, but upon first respawn, someone dies straight away "force respawn" 

even though they just joined the game, though after getting in after that it seems fine. Another thing with the original version is that when you die you respawn

as not the soldier / loadout you originally had.... 

Any help please?


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