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Can't disable or enable mods

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So few days ago I downloaded a map mod and activated it in-game. So then I didn't want to immediately restart, but I wanted to play the game. And after about 2-3 hours of playing it I restarted the game to see what map was like. Then I noticed it wasnt activated, so I enabled it and restarted the game. And it still wasn't activated. And after 5 times of restarting the game I gave up. I didnt want to play the map anymore. So the next day I wanted to disable some mods to see if too many mods activated were the problem. So I disabled few mods and restarted the game. I went to expansions to see if they were disabled and they were still enabled. And I know I could add parameters but I can't because there's too much mods and I know I could merge them into one piece but again I dont want to cause problems and there are few mods that I want to use separately. I tried using launcher but I cant launch the game. I searched about it but I couldn't find any answers so I was hoping someone could help me out here. I could use mods before but now I cant. Please help.

EDIT: Now parameters wont work properly. The first three mods work but the 4th one has half of it's name in-game as mod (@Faces of War mod in game folder and parameters but in-game as mod @Faces).

2nd EDIT: And now I cant even go into full screen mode. It's stuck in windowed mode and cant get back into full screen. So I guess reinstall is gonna happen. Cant believe that one little map can screw up my whole game.

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