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I've been practicing my flight skills with the Jets DLC recently and realized that there's not much practical use for the Jets assets outside of milsim and the occasional scenario (that i can think of), so i thought it might be kind of fun to go head on with another pilot, however I don't have any active friends who own the Jets DLC. So here's my proposal, I host a server and hold some sort of tournament. I haven't ironed out how it would work yet which is partially why I made this post, as well as to see if anyone would be interested.


Some things that need to be worked out are whether it would be 1v1 matches or Team Matches, how many rounds would be held per each competitor, how the jets would be chosen, etc. So i've set up a little poll to determine how the tournament would be structured and it can be found here.


If you have anything to add, or want to help set it up please comment, if you want to compete simply join this steam group. If the poll ends up selecting teams the teams will be assembled at random, though they can have certain members upon special request if you want to go into it with your friends or something. There won't be any reward for winning as i'm broke af, however I do plan on recording the whole thing and uploading it onto my tiny YT channel so that could be considered a small amount of publicity for the winner.


I'll update this post with dates, and poll results however a majority of the planning will take place in the steam group.


Edit : There may be a reward depending on how many victors there are (there can be multiple victors if teams are chosen) and if there're enough games to go around.

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