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17th IUNR is recruiting

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The 17th Independent United Nations Regiment [17th IUNR] is the strong right hand of the Security Council, in ArmA 3, operating not as peacekeepers but a Rapid Response Force, utilising mixed gear, structure & tactics, and as a multinational force.

Prided on our customised trainings and operations, we have developed in assistance with members who formerly served in the actual UN, being deployed across the world and engaging in combat from the deserts of Afghanistan to the Siberian tundra.


Your Place:


We offer dynamic and fun operations, with a wide range of available roles positions from Anti-Tank to Signaller, a member of the 17th always has new challenges and opportunities ahead of them.


After approval, new members take part in our two-phase training,


After which the new formed soldier is welcomed into the ranks of B Company, and as a full member of the 17th may pursue any role they desire, such as;

  • Grenadier

  • Signaller

  • Anti-Tank

  • Light/Heavy Machine Gunner

  • Medical

  • Pilots

  • Aircrew Gunners

  • & Many More!


Our Structure and Information:


Reflecting our multinational nature, the 17th operates with a mixed structure, using bits and pieces of other nations to suit our needs. B Company currently consists of a single Infantry Platoon (Codename Stonewall) fielding 3 Sections, the third of which fields our support weapons (Codename Hammer). Meanwhile the 160th SOAR Detachment (Codenamed Stalker) provides our long-range transport and air support using an array of aircraft provided by the many member states of the United Nations.


Event Details:


Wednesday: Is our tech day, here member of the unit and staff alike help others in the setup of mods and other technical issues.


Saturday: Our main event day, encompassing our Private/Cadet Training and Specialty Training held at 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT. And the main OP starting at 15:00 EST / 20:00 GMT.


Sunday: Our unite wide training and ceremony day, meaning all promotions awards and commendations are handed out this day, Training starting at 12:00 EST / 17:00 and a Fun event starting at  14:00 EST / 19:00 GMT.


Contact Information


TeamSpeak 3: 17thiunr.4np.de

Website: http://17thiunr.com/


Get on TS talk to a NCO, and join the 17th! We’ll see you at the barracks soldier!


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