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Image link: https://ibb.co/ioj9FQ


Hello, Devs. I have experienced a serious bug that can lead your character to GAME OVER (just die by time) because you can't do anything but move.


This happened after I ate a zuchini on the neutral survivor's dead body behind the church. After I ate it I noticed that the loots on the ground disapeared and my character looks naked although my gears are still equiped.


Can't unequip everything, pick anything, or even attack either melee or ranged. All I can do is move till I die. Please send help... I've built a good base with lots of loots there. Everything is going well and just looking for 2nd tent. :(


P.S: I play veteran mode and currently in Island 3. I do not want to abandoned my base with lots of guns + ammos + foods + gears + tools + medical kits + zucchinis protected by fences. I've invested alot of time there.

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