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Watchmen International-Casual Tactical Group

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  • We have no ranks, and very little rules outside the game at least. One major thing is that you need to have thick skin. We are people who love to joke around/poke fun at each other, just be able to handle the banter.

  • The missions that we run are based on cooperative Zeus missions that are hosted daily and are hosted by people with experience Zeusing. Anyone can try to Zeus during are day to day missions

  • Our mod-list is based around adding more features to ARMA to expand on the areas of operations that we cover. We use mods like TFAR and ACE to get a more realistic game play

  • Our operations are at the convenience of the group members, generally though we try to get an operation in daily.

  • We are mainly based in American around the CST/EST, but we also have European players.


  • Be someone who is respectable, can handle and dish out a little banter.

  • Don’t be a stranger, our community is based around not only just ARMA but other games that we feel like playing at the time, don’t be afraid to jump in and join us anytime!

  • Know when to be serious and know when it’s okay to joke around.

  • Have a Microphone and the ability to use voice over internet programs.

  • Be able to take criticism and have the ability to adapt to the situations presented.

  • Able to listen to orders ingame.

  • We are global but mainly speak English, so being able to somewhat speak English.

  • We have a quick 15-minute orientation/basic training that is required to play in our ops. It only covers extremely basic topics and will be right before conducting an operation or at any other time should a player ask for it.


If you think you like to join feel free to talk to us on are Discord Server

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