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Sabrina's Global Special Forces Release Thread.

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Sabrina's Global Special Forces


by Terramesa



Hello everyone,


Welcome to the thread regarding development and release for the Sabrina's Global Special Forces addon series.


In this group of addons I aim to create authentic uniforms (using stock A3 assets and maybe ported models) of most special forces units from around the globe.


The releases will be done in faction coalitions from the "Wargame" franchise. e.g. Commonwealth, LANDJUT, etc.


This is done just to keep the release simple and what I can focus on at the current state. They wont be like this in the editor, instead I will be using separate countries.


These uniforms will be portrayed in the modern era (2000 on-wards).


SGSF Core, will be needed for all other mods.









Custom rvmat.


BLUFOR countries.


HD textures and screenshots.


Custom patches.


Modular design; i.e SGSF Core + Commonwealth or SGSF Core + Euroforce + Blue Dragons. etc. Core is a requirement though.




REDFOR and INDFOR countries.


Weapons; reskins, maybe ports from Arma 2, maybe original models.


Vehicles; reskins, maybe ports from Arma 2, maybe original models.


SGSF Opposing Forces; Still up in the air currently. i.e. freedom fighters terrorist groups etc.


Planned coalitions/ countries include:


> Commonwealth of Nations: AUS, NZ, CAN, UK. - Done


> Euroforce: All Eurozone countries. - Not Started


> Scandinavia + Finland: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.- Not Started


> Blue Dragons: Japan, South Korea.- Not Started


> Red Dragons: China, North Korea.- Not Started


> Eastern Bloc: Czech Republic, Slovakia.- Not Started


and some other countries outside coalitions:


> USA.- In Progress


> Central + South American countries.- Not Started


> SE Asian countries. - Not Started


>A selection of African countries. - Not Started


> Greater Arabia. - Not Started


> Central Asia. - Not Started




I'm always open to suggestions and help.


If you have some high quality camouflages and would like to contribute, please feel free to PM me. (still looking for a good NZ MCU)


Probably with most releases I do, the "Core" element will be updated also.




CORE - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32561


Com. - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32787


U.S. - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33120







v1.0 25/03/2017

Initial Release


v1.1 23/05/2017

dded more classnames to the Weapons config.


Tweaked the Coyote Brown textures, i.e. uniform, vest, helmet, cap.


Added patches for; Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.


Some miscellaneous config tweaks.


v1.2 14/08/2017

Added Backpacks in base colours. i.e. Grey, Coyote, Ranger Green.

Added Hexcam in Autumn, Woodland, Snow and Desert.

Added Cagecam in Zanzibar (Desert), Jungle and Woodland.

Added EDRL in Lowland and Highland.

Added Aviation regimants.

Added US Flags.




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4 hours ago, Terramesa said:

All I did was move this thread from the Discussion page to here, as I have already released Core ages ago and forgot to do it.




I'm not releasing anything new. Just transferring the thread.

Could have asked us to just moved it :)



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