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(COOP 4/SP) A Sickle in the Dark

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Players must quickly assault a Syndikat held town as they search for a stolen file that has troop movements for the area. Using the cover of night, silenced weapons, and night vision players will have to get the drop on the bandits, if they allow themselves to get bogged down the superior numbers will overwhelm them. Ambushes and roadside bombs are common tactics of Syndikat. 

-Enemy Faction: Syndikat
-Player Faction: Russian Armed Forces
-Map: Tanoa
-Dedicated Server Compatible
-Required DLC: Apex
-Required Mods: CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CUP Weapons, TFAR, CBA. 
-Playable in Singleplayer on a LAN server.

Special thanks to Mulluskan, 417, Scorch052, and Robodog for helping me test, learning how to script, and giving me feedback for this mission. 

Any and all feedback is welcome. 

Here is a link to the workshop page:

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