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ACP Summe

Looking for Zeus players!

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Hello my name is Jace but you can call me Summe. I enjoy being a Zeus i have hosted a lot on official so far everyone has enjoyed and i usually host every day with my friends but i wanna kick up a knoch which brings us here.


I will host Sunday through Wednesday and Friday through Sunday. FYI most will be modded 


Info: I realize that there is kids that play arma and i accept them as long as there 10 and above and i am 13 but please dont let that make you say no to this i ask you to at least try 1 op with me.


Requirements 1.Must be 10 and above 2.Must have more then 60 hours on arma3 3.have discord 4.Dont be a dick to players 5.Have Arma3 (duh)


My steam 



Discord https://discord.gg/AjctCC


Thank You!

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i told u over and over my arma 3 is broke thanks to battleye unless u can fix it STOP ASKING TO PLAY ARMA 3.



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