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Coax gun cloud with commander weapon

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I am building my first tank model in Arma and struggling with an issue with the weapon firing clouds. I am going through the BIS samples_f to learn (specifically Test_Tank_01) and am having an issue with the firing clouds. In the sample tank, when firing the commander's weapon, there is a puff of smoke from the relative location of the coaxial machine gun of the main turret. I'm assuming there is a memory point conflict that is causing this but can't seem to figure out which one.


By default,

COAX: `memoryPointGun = usti hlavne2`  ||  CMDR: `usti hlavne3`

COAX: `selectionFireAnim = zasleh2`  ||  CMDR: `zasleh3`


If you have a solution or any advice on where I should look to resolve this it would be greatly appreciated.


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