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J. Rainey

3rd Special Forces Group [RECRUITING]

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Who are we?




The 3rd Special Forces Group is currently a small group of people who got together and wanted to have some fun while still remaining fairly realistic when it comes to operations. We all like to goof around and have fun, but when we get into operations, we know that it's time to do business. We have a wide range of ages and ethnicity, and don't discriminate against anybody.


What are we looking for?


We have no required age, as long as you are mature

Must have working microphone

Must have legal copy of ArmA3

Must be willing to learn and work with others

Be able to play ArmA proficiently


Contact Us:

Teamspeak -


What roles are currently open?

Currently we are looking for people of all roles, but have some primary roles we would like to fill.


SF Team Members:

Operator (ranges from Rifleman, Grenadier, etc.)



Air Crew:

SOAR - Pilots (Rotary & Wing)



Useful Information:

Modpack Size - 28.5GB

Current Roster Size - 16 Members


Current Deployment:

*Having just finished our first selection cycle, we are currently in between deployments. We will take the next 1-2 weeks to train tasks*

Terrain - TBD

Operations Remaining - TBD

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